About Me

I am a Film Production student at Derby University and am currently my second year. I am a blogger, YouTuber, food fanatic, TV addict and notebook hoarder. Here are some questions people who want to know more about me have asked.

Why did you start blogging/ What inspired you to start blogging?
I started blogging because I wanted a change in my life and I think being a writer and putting it out for people to see helped me with a lot of my confidence issues and because I wanted to tell people how I am doing in a wide audience. I don’t have any inspirations but I know I wanted a change with my life. I just didn’t know what.
At what age did you start blogging?
I started blogging when I was 16 just after I started uploading videos to YouTube.
Who is your favourite blogger?
I don’t tend to have favourites when it comes to blogging and YouTube but the blog which showed me that I could do the same was Louise Pentland’s blog and I think looking at how much she has gone through is really empowering to see so I think she is probably my favourite blogger.
If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
That really is a tough question for me because I want to travel the world. I think if I were to choose anywhere, I think I would choose Los Angeles or Hawaii because I have always wanted to go to America and these two are on my list of top places to visit. They are also beautiful and I would love to watch a sunset from both of those places in the night time and visit landmarks and the city in the day.
Do you daydream?
I don’t think I have ever daydreamed, to be honest. I dream more than anything but I also have nightmares so there is a balance and I write every dream that I remember down just so I look back on them and read what I wrote at 4 am half asleep about how I put on a dance show for hundreds of people for no apparent reason.
What’s your favourite film?
Again this is a really hard one because I love films with my heart. Being a film student, not everyone agrees with what you say is your favourite film and when learning on a film course, you see films in a different way. My favourite film when I was in Year 8 is not one of my favourites now just looking at the writing and how it is shot. So after all that waffle, I think my favourite film would be La La Land because the story is different to those I have seen and it is beautifully shot. I have never seen a scene when Ryan Gosling is walking down a pier in the sunset like anything else and it warms my heart every time I see it.
What do you want to do when you leave University?
You should never ask a University student that because we do not even know. Hell, don’t ask a film student because we have no entire clue what we will do. It takes so long to get into the film industry so I hope to get myself a job as a runner on film sets and work up from there. I am going to travel the world for a year though after University so I can see the sights of the world before I have to get a boring job to be able to live.
I am also going to be hopefully living in the US for a year when I have enough money to. I really want to do this to be able to give myself chance to learn more in a different country and try and learn more about the film business in the heart of the career.