Welcome to KitKat’s Blogmas 2019

Welcome to Blogmas 2019!

It’s finally here! December 1st! I’m so excited about Blogmas this year! I have so much new and improved content for you all! You already know how much I love Christmas and each year, Blogmas helps me celebrate this beautiful holiday even more!

I have an array of posts this month to help you savour the holiday spirit and get you ready for the big day! From gift guides, films, top tips to wishlists, makeup and much more! This month is going to be filled with so much joy, beautiful photos and a lot of content!

You may remember last year and how I only did 21 days. It was a rough month with everything going on but I have started pre-writing everything earlier and I will be posting every day of December!Β 

To kick things off this month, I thought today’s post would be a little Bucket List for December that you can print off and use!

bucket list

I guess all there is left to say is:

Welcome to KitKat’s Blogmas 2019!

See you all tomorrow with a new post! Happy 1st of December!


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