Pet Peeves of The Blogging World

 Welcome to another post of me moaning. I kid but for real, the blogging world is strange and a little annoying at times. If you’re a blogger, you already know some of these things but for those readers who are just wondering what we have to deal with on a daily basis, here’s a little snippet into my Pet Peeves of the Blogging World!


instagram app

It is so hard to grow on Instagram like it’s so hard! The above picture was taken back in June 2018, I had 1,352 followers. Today October 8th, 2019, I still haven’t hit 1.4k. Like what? I don’t understand Instagram and although I try my hardest to post every day, for some reason it just ain’t cutting it. If you don’t have a theme or aren’t exposing a body part, I feel you can’t grow sometimes. Not saying that those are the only things you need to grow but for me, I rarely get any new followers and I feel it’s so hard to grow when you’re already trying your hardest with some things. The funny thing was I posted a TikTok and I gained 800 followers over the course of a month. Like social media, in general, is pretty wack and I love Instagram but it’s my worst enemy right now.


This sounds super weird and I don’t know if anyone else feels like this but sometimes I feel like people are expecting content from me. Of course, I bring out content in so many different ways but sometimes I feel bad because a few times I’ve felt like I’ve let people down with not bringing out content. I just need a break because I get overwhelmed. Not only do I have this blog, but I also produce YouTube videos and sometimes I stream on Twitch. I also have a job so I try to schedule everything right so I can produce good quality content for you guys. I know you don’t EXPECT me to post but I want to. I love creating posts or videos. It’s my passion. No matter what, I will never leave this part of me. I will always have new content, it just may take a while if I am coming out with a good series or something similar. If you watch Shane Dawson, you will understand. He spent nearly a year making this series with Jeffree Star and although only two episodes are out, I am super invested. I want to make content like that for you. I want to bring change and make stuff you guys want to see.


I’ve struggled with this so much. Not only because I have a crazy life but because sometimes my mental health hits me at different times. It’s weird because whenever I’m in a bad place, I want to write but I don’t know what to write about. It’s a thing that has always plagued me. Being consistent is a lot of effort and figuring out schedules and things like that bring joy to me because of the organisation element to it. I just wish sometimes I could procrastinate less and be better at having consistency in my life. I would love to bring out so many pieces of content per week for you but I feel if I do that, I will run out of ideas so quick so I hope to bring you two blog posts a week, a new video and maybe a twitch stream. Consistency is annoying but if you do it right, it is very rewarding.


It’s so hard to come with content these days I feel. Although new things are coming out, I don’t really have the money to buy them. I’m always super excited when I get a new idea because it means I can try something new. Sometimes things have been done therefore I feel I shouldn’t do mine because it’s already out there if you get me? I love creating original ideas and sometimes I come up with something and see it’s already been done. Like I feel if I post something and don’t credit the person that I didn’t know had done that piece of content, I feel like I’m gonna get a lot of hate? It’s weird, I know but that’s how my brain works I guess?

Other Bloggers

Right here me out on this one. I love the people I’ve met through blogging, youtube and everything else but some people I’ve met just have it out for you. There are always those people who have to send you hate on whatever you create. I hate that. Why can’t we all just strive to become good content creators? Like why is there any need to bring someone down that is in the same field as you. It’s not just me it’s happened to.  Everyone is in the same boat so why bring someone down just to fill your ego?


It sounds weird but it really is a pet peeve of mine. I hate that I don’t have the motivation to do things sometimes. I want to write every day but I just get distracted and sometimes I can’t write. Also finding motivation is really hard sometimes. I just want to read in bed and I don’t want the time to pass. I just wish days became slower because sometimes, 24 hours is not enough for me to find the motivation to get out of bed and do the things I love. I know it sounds weird because of what I wanna do but often, I just don’t wanna do anything.

It’s a hard life but it’s the one I chose. If you’ve experienced these pet peeves, let me know below so I know I’m not the only one!


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