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Welcome to the Revolution! I joke but as you all know, Revolution is my favourite makeup brand. The products are amazing and for the price, it makes my bank account a whole lot happier! Today’s post is all about Revolution and my favourite products from the brand!

Y’all are crazy but I have to put this because I have to be clear with you guys. This post isn’t sponsored and all the products I have bought myself except the Mascara which I received free when I went to the Revolution Halloween party last year! (and don’t come for me for having a mascara nearly a year old, I already know you’re scowling at me) and the brush I won in a giveaway!


You all know I am in love with this palette. Like it’s my most used palette out of every-one I have. I’ve used this one for over a year now and I still love it. The colour story is a beautiful blend of neutral and bright shades making a good go-to palette and a great palette when travelling. The shades blend beautifully and the bright silver shimmer shade is amazing on the inner corner!


I love this highlighter in the shade Champagne Kiss. I think these Skin Kiss highlighters are meant to be dupes of the Jeffree Star ones. I’m kind of here for it though cause I can never afford those. These are so pigmented and I love how blinding the highlight is on the skin.


I love mascara. Not only does it make your lashes stand out, but it also makes them pop and brings attention to your eyes. This one from Revolution is one of my favourites because the size of the brush means it covers all of the lashes in a few sweeps. For the price, it is a great mascara!


This blending brush is so good and I use it for my pink/red eye looks. It is so soft and blends out eyeshadow really nicely. Not much to say on it but you can buy it in a set of other eyeshadow brushes and they’re all good but this by far is favourite.


As you may know, Revolution Pro is a side brand of revolution and I bought their pen eyeliner. I really like the way this glides onto the skin and it isn’t too thick which means you can build up the wing. 


Everyone on the earth has probably heard me rave about the Conceal & Define concealer. It is one of the best I have tried and a year on, I’m still buying it. It is easy to blend out, has good coverage and brightens my under eyes so what more could you want? Oh and the fact it’s £4 for the normal-sized one? 


This is the first matte liquid lipstick I ever tried from Revolution and it is a perfect nude. It dries down really quickly and although it makes my lips a little dry, the colour is really pretty. The applicator is a small doe foot and it spreads a lot of product which is all you really want.


Last but not least is the Cut Crease Canvas. I use this to prime my eyelids and to cut my creases. It is like a concealer but it dries down a little tacky. It is easy to work with and is amazing as an eyeshadow base!

So there are my Favourite Revolution products! I hope you enjoyed today’s post! 

QOTD: What’s your favourite Revolution product?


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3 thoughts on “The Revolution Edit

  1. It’s hard to pick my favourite Revolution product! I use the Cut Crease Canvas base all the time and I’ve gotten through one already but my favourite non base product is the original Soph palette. There’s so much variation and I still love it as much as when I got it 🙂 Great post, I love your photos!


  2. I also love Revolution – as a permanently broke schoolgirl, it’s the best thing to happen to my makeup collection! I also love the Soph X palette and the concealer, the palette is honestly the prettiest and like you said, great for travelling, especially because of the contrasting shades xx


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