The Brush Edit

We back! Well I mean I was never gone but you already know that!

Today’s post is all about my brushes and the best brushes I have found to help apply my makeup to the best of its ability. I love brushes and I think they are a key part of a makeup routine. Although I would love to do my makeup with my fingers, I have a thing about the product being on my fingers. So with that weird fact in min (i apologise), let’s get on with today’s post! 

DISCLAIMER: Some of the brushes in this post were gifted to me but 1. it was over 2 years ago now and 2. they gifted me the brushes with no need to post about them anywhere after I did a review on them (which I did)


The first brushes up are my base brushes. I use the first two for foundation and the flat double-ended one for primer. The flat top brush is from Revolution and it helps spread my foundation where I need it to before I go in with a beauty blender. The next brush is a Primark one and I use it for the same purpose as the Revolution one. Last up is another Primark brush and I use this to apply my primer. The smaller end I sometimes use for tidying my brows. These all are very cheap and I recommend them if you need a base brush or two!


Next up are my face brushes. I use these for powder, contour, bronzer, blush and so on. The one on the far right is a stippling brush from Primark and I use this if I need to blend out strong contour and bronzer. I feel it helps dissipate the product a little and create a healthy glow on the face. Next up is a face brush from Eco Tools. If you have been reading my blog from when ti first started, you will remember a review of these. That’s nearly two years ago! I still love it to this day. I use it to apply pressed powder, contour, and bronzer and it applies the product evenly. The brush is so good and even after nearly two years, hasn’t fallen apart!

The next brush is one I won in a giveaway and I have no clue where it’s from but I use this brush to apply blush and highlight. It’s a really soft brush and applies the product so beautifully on the skin. Next up is another Eco Tools brush and I use this to contour. It is an angled brush so you can get that line perfect to chisel out your cheekbones. Again, it’s been nearly two years and the brush hasn’t fallen apart. Last but not least is the M180 from Morphe. This is a big fluffy brush which I use for pressed powder and for blending everything together. I love this brush as it’s so big but the only downside I can say is that the bristles fall out a little. 


Next, are some of my eyeshadow brushes. The two at the top on the left are from a Morphe mini brush set so I don’t know what number they are but they are good blending brushes. The green brush at the bottom is from a shop in town and I got it over a year ago now and can’t remember the brand name. I use this brush to set my eyes after carving my brows out.  The blue brush above the green is from Studio London and I use this brush to blend shadows in my crease. I use this one for my reds and oranges.

I like to keep different brushes for different looks. The white wet n wild brush is used for my brown/gold looks and its quite a big blending brush. Above that is the M138 from Morphe. I use this brush again for my brown toned looks and to blend colours into the crease.


These are some of my sculpting brushes. The first one is a Primark oval brush which I use to contour my nose. It is so easy to contour with this and it holds a lot of product. The next brush is from BH COsmetics and I use this to highlight. It holds A LOT of product and it applies it so beautifully. It is a cheap brush but it works so well. The top brush is another one from a Morphe brush set and I use this to powder, contour or bronze my face depending on how well my other brushes did it or if I want a more bronzy look.


Last but not least, these are some more of my eye brushes. Up top is the M132 Morphe blending brush. I use this brush to apply transition shades to my lid. It is a bullet brush so detailing and transition shades are perfect for it. The brush below it is a flat brush from Primark and I use this to apply shimmers and glitters to my lid. I love this as it retains a lot of product but still applies a lot of product to the lid.

Next up is the So Eco Lip Brush. I actually use this to apply shimmer to the inner corner of my eye. It is such a good brush and if it ever breaks, someone will need to recommend me a good lip brush! Last but not least is a double-ended brush (my camera didn’t focus and I only see that now) from Primark which I use for cut creases and the bottom lash line.

So there is my Brush Edit! I love using brushes and having a lot of different ones help to create the perfect look as they all do different things! Let me know if you guys want a post of my favourite brushes right now as I have a few new ones since I took these photos!

QOTD: What’s your favourite brush?


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