April Unipocket

It’s that time of the month again when I show you what was in this month’s Unipocket and April’s theme was So Freakin’ Zen. I love this theme as I love to be calm and organised. So let’s get on with what was in this months pocket!


So first up is this So Freakin’ Zen card which I will definitely use as a bookmark. It is made of really nice card so will withstand for a while. The next thing is this Fusion Bright Splash face mask. It is a natural mask and I used it last week and loved it. It smelled so fruity and left my skin feeling so refreshed and healthy. 


Next up is the Rescue Remedy Sweets. I don’t know what to call them other than sweets. I have had these before in a Unibox and I loved them. They are really nice and help me get some of my daily vitamins. The other snacky kind of thing in this month’s pocket was these Peakz chocolate squares. They were like small little shredded wheat covered in chocolate. I don’t really like shredded wheat but I really liked these. They were really nice to have as a snack. They’re also vegan and palm oil free. A great healthy snack and great for anyone to have!


The last few things in this month’s pocket were the quote card, the little booklet telling you what’s in the pocket and last but not least was this Happy Balance Pad. I love this so much. It helps me track my mood like a little bullet journal. I really like the way this is set out and I now use it daily to help me drink more water and keep myself calm and collected, ready to work.

So that’s what was in the April Unipocket. Don’t forget to check out the Unibox site and use my code AMBKM5 to get £5 off your first box or pocket!

What is your favourite item of your subscription box?


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