How to be a Morning Person

I often get asked how I get up in the morning and stay awake long enough to make most of the day. As long as I can remember, I’ve always been a night owl and hated the mornings but in the past year, I’ve loved getting up early and starting the day as soon as I can. It’s tough waking up so early in the morning, especially when you work till later into the night. Today’s post is all about how to combat sleeping in and how to be a morning person.

Here are my tips to help you become a morning person!

1. Have a morning routine


To make sure you stick to getting up early, have a routine. Get up, open the curtains/windows and let in the light then eat breakfast or shower. It depends on what you want to do to help you wake up but make sure to let the light into the room otherwise you’ll just want to go back to bed. Not only will a routine help you get up earlier, but it will also help you settle into something that can help you in the future.

I kind of have a routine when I wake up but it differs when I don’t have as much work to do but I try to stick to it every day. If I go to bed later, I set my alarm one hour later than I would normally have it on. I normally wake up around 9/10 on a normal day but I set it earlier if I have a lot to do the next day. I use to set so many alarms to help me get up but only setting a couple will help you get yourself out of bed quicker. I use to spend an hour or so snoozing my alarm but now I only put on 3 so I know that the third one is the last alarm to help me get up.

I advise when you wake up, to go and get a glass of water from the kitchen. Not only will this get you out of bed, but the water will also help wake you up and get you ready for the day.

2. Natural light is key


As I said above, opening your windows can help get you awake but it also helps you get ready for the day ahead. Letting that light in helps you get that vitamin d and the fresh air you need. Even if you don’t open your windows, go outside for a few minutes or half an hour to help get fresh air into your system. I also hate when it gets dark early as the light makes me happier, it’s like SAD basically.

3. Make a To-Do list


I make my to-do lists for the next day the night before. This means when I get up, I know I have things to do and I can crack on with them as soon as I have done my morning routine. It’s all about taking the time you have and making something of it. I love writing blog posts in the morning and anything bullet journal related I do also in the morning. I get my brain going by doing something I like then I can tackle the bigger tasks later on in the morning/afternoon. 

Being organised in the morning is key to becoming a morning person. You need to know what you’re doing, otherwise, you’ll have breakfast and spend 2 hours playing GTA while you’ve got things to do.

4. Try to sleep earlier

I know, it will seem like this is the main contender for being a morning person and it is a big one but not the main one. I try to sleep for at least 7/8 hours as recommended and sometimes I don’t get that and sometimes, I get more. It all depends on the time you go to bed and how tired you are in the morning. I would suggest if you want to get up at 8AM, go to bed around 11. This gives you an hour for your body and brain to calm down and turn off for the night, ready to recharge. 

So there are my tips for becoming a morning person. I never used to wake up before 1 and nowadays, I wake up before 11/12 every day. It has improved my mood so much so it really helps.

What helps you, the reader, get out of bed in the morning?


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