Bullet Journal Setup 2019

So this was meant to be up last week but here we are! Today’s post as you can tell by the title is all about my bullet journal set up for 2019. I haven’t really set it up like I did last year because I wanted to go simple this year as I was tracking so much last year. I wanted to try something different this year.


First up in my bujo is this year’s calendar and my year in pixels. As you can tell, I took this photo in March but I loved having this page last year and it helps me see my good and bad days. It is really cute to track how I feel each day. It is simple to draw and easy to track.

Photo 29-03-2019, 11 15 19

Next up is my Future Log. This is a double page spread and where I keep up to date with events and important days that are coming up. It helps me keep track of birthdays and events coming up. I haven’t finished filling it in but it is a main priority of mine to have a future log in my bujo.

Photo 29-03-2019, 11 15 27

Then we have my blogging goals. I took a break in March as I didn’t have much motivation but I love setting goals and I want to blog for the rest of my life so this is a big help to let me track my goals and what I want to achieve each month regarding following, blog posts and such.

Photo 29-03-2019, 11 15 33

I love to put all my blog post and video ideas in my bullet journal so I know which ones I have done and which ones I need to write.

Photo 29-03-2019, 11 15 43

Next up is my April landing page as I call it. I like to have this page as a little front page before my weekly pages. I love this page as I cant rack a lot of things and still have room for a few notes about may. This is a super simple design I found on Pinterest but there are so many different ones and they all look super helpful!

Photo 29-03-2019, 11 15 51

The last part of my super simple bujo setup is my weekly pages. I keep these simple as I need the room to write my to-do’s each day. I like this way of a diary as it’s all in one place. I did have a diary but I felt this was better and more organised.

So there is my bullet journal setup for 2019! I may add more pages but this year I wanted easy and simple! Let me know if you use any of the designs, I would love to see!

Do you use a diary or a bullet journal?


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2 thoughts on “Bullet Journal Setup 2019

    1. simple and easy is the way i like to do it with mine! if you just take a few hours at the end of a month for your monthly and weekly pages or something similar, you should be able to keep up with it!x


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