It’s That Kind of Empties Post

It’s my first empties post! I have gone through a lot and forgot to save some of it so this is the stuff I have run out of in the last few weeks! I hope you like this kind of post and let me know if you want to see more posts like this!

AHA Cleansing Liquid


I talked about this on my Instagram stories a few days ago about how it cleans your beauty sponges. It is such a good makeup remover but I love to use it to clean my sponges. They go from so so dirty to looking new in a few minutes! Get yourself some of this if you’re constantly buying new sponges!

Match Perfection Foundation


I love love love this foundation! I have been using it for 3 years (obvs not the same bottle) but it is such a good foundation and sits on the skin nicely. It’s medium coverage and I love mixing it with other foundations to get the perfect shade. You can get it at Bodycare for under £6! It is such a bargain and I really recommend it if you’re looking for a good drugstore foundation!

Botanical Boost Shampoo Bar


I tried this shampoo bar out for a gifted post and I didn’t know how it would take with my hair. It was okay but I prefer liquid shampoo as It’s just easier to deal with than a bar of shampoo. I also think Jack got it confused with soap so I’m gonna stick to bottles.

Revolution Conceal & Define Concealers


My favourite concealer. Honestly, I love it too much. I like the bigger bottle but these two I went through so easily! It is such a beautiful concealer and rarely creases! For £4, it is such a bargain for such a good concealer!

Cover FX Setting Spray


I bought this setting spray as it was the cheapest on Beauty Bay and I really liked it. It has glitter in it so you look glowy after using but it sets your makeup in place and helps to keep it on for longer. I have a better one which doesn’t have glitter in it but this one is still good for the price.

Primark Eyeliner


I have been using pen eyeliner for a while now so this has just dried up but this is still a good eyeliner. It’s like £1.50 and for the price, it does the job. I love that Primark have stepped up with their makeup and this definitely is a good bargain over an expensive eyeliner.

So there are my empties so far! There will be a lot more in a few months but I’m excited to do these posts!


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