March Unipocket

It’s that time of the month again where I show you guys what was in the monthly Unipocket from Unibox! Like always, the Unipocket has been gifted to me and this is not a sponsored post! 

In other news, my birthday is 8 days away and I am so excited! If you want me to do a post on what I’ve learnt in 21 years or something like that, let me know!


First up in this month’s pocket was the snacks! Included were the Boundless Nuts and Seeds. I didn’t really like them but then again, they’re not my type of thing. I do think these are good snacks though! Next up is one of my favourite things from all of the Unibox’s and Unipocket’s I have tried! These are the Raw Cookie Dough Nugglets from Livia’s Kitchen. They are vegan and so so delicious. They are my favourite thing to snack on and I need to buy more of them.


Onto skincare and I love when I get to try new skincare products including masks which this month’s pocket came with a Lotus face mask. It was so refreshing! Honestly was so cold but it was really nice on my skin and left it feeling soft and ready to be cared for! I wear a lot of makeup these days so this kind of sheet mask help to keep my skin hydrated. Next was a clear face care gel which helps with spots, acne and blackheads. I really like these kind of gels because they sit nicely on the skin and don’t feel too sticky after applying. It has helped with my spots that are starting to pop up.


This was my favourite part of this month’s Unipocket! I love stationary so when I saw they included a highlighter, I was so happy! I love this colour, it’s pale green and I love using it in my bullet journal. They also included some revision cards and I have a presentation coming up soon so I can’t wait to utilise these for that! 


The last couple of things in the box were a notebook, can never go wrong with one! The last things were the little guide that comes with every box and pocket and the monthly quote! I loved this box and I can’t wait for April’s!

So there was this month’s Unipocket! I hope you guys liked it as much as I do! Make sure to check out Unibox and use the code AMBKM5 for £5 off your first box!


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