My Makeup Collection: Eye Products

I know. There was a post yesterday but I have already planned April and wanted to get this one in this week to help finish up the posts on my makeup collection (the last post is next week!). Today’s post is all about the eye products I have. I literally didn’t know what else to call this post so here we go! It’s things like lashes, eyeliners and so on.

DISCLAIMER: Some of the products mentioned have been sent to me on a gifted basis. This post is not sponsored.


Starting off today’s post are the tools that I use. On the left, we have my eyelash curlers. Being totally honest, these were from Primark for £2 and I use them every day. Even though they are really cheap, they work really well. Eyelash curlers aren’t meant to be expensive so I advise trying these ones out! Next up are my eyebrow scissors. You all have seen my eyebrows, they hugeeeeee.

I found these also in Primark and they have been my saviour. I have quite tall bushy brow and these have helped trim them down and make them look normal. Last but not least we have my lash tweezers. I got these cheap from Superdrug and they work so I can’t complain.


Next up are my brow products. As I said before, my eyebrows are quite big so I don’t need to fill them up as much. I do define them with the Revolution definers and then I use the PS Brow Pencil and the Collection brow powder (I think that’s what it’s called) to fill in the spaces in the brows. I love the Revolution brow definers as they do such a good job of helping shape your brows.  


I love that my camera didn’t focus on the Ardell lashes at the back but they are there. I also have a pair of Primark lashes (they’re not the best) up front and I love the Ardell ones. They make my lashes so full and look so beautiful. The Primark ones are good if you’re a beginner with lashes. I don’t think I will wear them much but I can’t just throw them away after two tries.


I was gifted these lashes and the applicator tool from We Love Lashes and I was so excited to try Eyelure. Let me tell you. I have fallen in love. The Definition ones are so big and I’m definitely wearing them on my birthday. They are so extra but I love it so much. I really love these lashes. The band is big enough and they stay put for a long time with the glue they supply. Another great thing is with We Love Lashes, they give you free First Class delivery! Who doesn’t love free delivery, especially first class?! Make sure to check them out!


Next up in my collection is my eye pigments and single shadows. I love the Laura Geller glided honey illuminator. It is such a pretty gold and not too expensive. Next is a Kiko Milano shadow in Smart 04. It is such a beautiful warm toned brown and blends really nicely. I think Kiko is having a sale on their single shadows at the moment! The long tube in the middle is the Tanya Burr glitter from her 12 Days of Christmas advent calendar. I haven’t had a chance to throw it out. It settles really weird. The glitter separates from the liquid and the payoff isn’t the best.

I have two pigment pots on the end. One from Primark in the shade White. It is a good pigment but I normally use it for the inner corner because it hasn’t got that glitter look I want. The last pigment pot is from bh cosmetics and is it part of the glitter collection. I love this as it is actually glitter! It is in the shade Royal Purple and I can’t wait to use it more. 


Next up are eyeliners. I won’t say much about these as they all do the same job and they all work really well! First up is Master Kohl by Maybelline then Revolution Pro eyeliner, Scandaleyes by Rimmel, Supercat by Soap & Glory and at the back, I have two Marc Jacobs highliners in a light a blue and brown. I use all of these and rotate between them as they all work for me!


The last part of this post is my mascaras. I used to use the Scandaleyes from Rimmel so much but then I found these and I loved them instantly. Jack got me the NYX Double Stacked for a Christmas present and although I don’t really use the fibre part, the black mascara is pretty good. It doesn’t make my lashes look spider-like or clumpy and that is all I ask. The middle one is by Revolution and I don’t use this as my every day but it is a good mascara if you want really big lashes. I find with mine, it makes them a bit clumpy but it isn’t too bad. Last is my ride or die and it is the Thick & Fast mascara by Soap & Glory. I have used this mascara for over a year and a half now and I love it so much. it gives my lashes the boost they need! Plus it isn’t that expensive.

I love these posts and I hope you guys do too! The last one is coming next week but I have so much content planned for you all! Happy Friday and have a great weekend! There will be a new video up tomorrow!

If you had to choose to live without either Mascara or Brow Products, which would it be?


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