My Makeup Collection: Base Products

I love doing these kinds of posts so today’s is all about my base products in my collection! I love doing my base and there are so many things that go into my routine to get my skin looking flawless!


First up are the foundations! If you have read my blog or watched my YouTube for a while now, you will know I was obsessed with the Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation for a VERY long time. We’re talking 3/4 years now! It gives such good coverage and I really love how it sits on my skin. Next up is the Revolution Fast Base Foundation. I don’t go to this one as much as I didn’t like it at first, it kept clinging to dry patches. I then used the foundation with a primer beneath it and it turned out to be really nice with good coverage! If you have dry patches, make sure to use a primer before using this foundation. I don’t normally go for stick foundations so I was shocked when I actually liked this one.

Next up is the Revolution Coneal & Define foundation. I mix this with the Rimmel one because it is a little too pink for my skin. Like the concealer, it has really good coverage and blends out easily. I love the way this sits on the skin and how it doesn’t wear off easily. Last but not least is the Maybelline 24HR SuperStay foundation. I bought this because the world (A.K.A SophDoesNails and Jeffree Star) were in love with it. The coverage is honestly amazing so buildable. It dries down beautifully and although mine is a little dark for me, I will definitely get a lighter shade to get my base looking perfect.


Don’t judge me for putting these after foundations, I do apply primer first. The only time I use primer is when I can remember to so 50% of the time. I have used a few primers but these are the ones in my collection currently. The first is the Miracle Eye Cream by Garnier. I did a post last year for A Spring Clean of my skincare and I remember getting this. I loved it so much I kept using it and it’s getting to the last bits now. It helps to prep my under eyes while helping conceal my bags. Ahh, my trust NYX Photo-Loving Primer. Not going to lie, I need to throw it out pronto as it’s over a year old but I have basically run out of it. I love this primer. It is a gel texture but helps the foundation sit nicely on the skin.

Up next is the Rimmel Fix & Perfect primer. I used this a while ago but it didn’t seem like it was working, I have no idea why but I started to use it again recently and it is so good for mattifying my oily areas like my nose and t-zone. This primer is actually really cheap and I would recommend it if you have oily/combination skin. Last but not least is the Revolution Pro Eye Elements in Core. My camera obviously didn’t want to focus onto it. This is an eye primer and I love to apply it before I do eyeshadow (which I do first by the way). It is a bit oily so I wouldn’t recommend if you get REALLY oily. It is a good base to start off your look with.


I LOVE concealer. I love concealing my dark circles from the world and these three are the ones that I stuck by. First up are the Collection Lasting Perfection concealers. I have two as I won one in a giveaway but I mix them to help my under eyes. I really like these concealers for the coverage but they dry down so quickly and it’s a race against time to blend them out. Next is the Conceal & Define concealer by Revolution. I have talked about this for a long time. I love it so much. I have gone through two of the small ones and I am just about to finish the one I have now. It is honestly such a good concealer. Not much creasing, beautiful coverage and the price point? That’s the best part! £4 for the smaller one and £7 for the supersize? Bargaaaain!


Last but not least in my Base Products are my powders! I’ll start with the powder I’ve used for years and that’s the Rimmel Stay Matte. As you can tell by the pan, I use it a lot. It is my favourite non-baking powder. I love the coverage it gives and sets my makeup in place so nicely. I love their translucent shade as it looks invisible on the skin! Next up is the Collection Sheer Loose Powder. This was the first baking powder I bought and although it is a little on the pink side for me, I really do love how it sets my face. I rarely bake with it but it is a good powder to set with.

And the last product in my Base Products is the Revolution Bake & Finish powder. I bought the white powder because well, I’m like a ghost. It is stark white so I may buy the lace one and mix them together but it really does the job. Baking is so easy with this and for £5, it really is a good product. I hate the cap though. That’s all that is bad about it. It’s too small and the lid isn’t big enough to dip my beauty blender in the powder.

So there is my collection of base products! I do have other products in my wardrobe but they’re not being used and need to be thrown away. I hope you liked this post and let me know if you wanna see more of these!

What is your favourite part of your makeup routine?


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