March Favourites

Welcome to April! To kickstart this month, today’s post is all about the things I was loving last month! As always at the bottom of these posts are my playlist for the month! I make monthly playlists and they all are still available to listen to! I started it last year and have continued it because it helps me find new music and to show you guys what I am loving right now!


Jack bought me this mirror for Christmas and it has saved my life when doing my makeup routine. It lights up and has a magnifying mirror on the back side. I really recommend this mirror as it is one of the best I’ve used.


I won this in a giveaway by Bioderma and I was really excited to try some new products. This has been so useful for under my eyes and when I want to prep my skin for makeup. It is a serum but on the skin, it is so beautiful and prolongs my makeup. It’s not cheap but also not too expensive. I would advise this for dry skin as it is quite moisturising.


Getting more motivated has made me make more to-do lists and this pad from a past Unibox has really helped me. It’s not even that big has helped me stay motivated and on track. If you struggle with organisation, make to-do lists. Even if you put “do my makeup” on it, it’s still a task you can enjoy and feel proud when you tick it off. I actually do put little things on my to-do lists to get those little achievements.


Next up is this baking powder from Revolution. It’s so white, like literally white as flour. This sets my under eyes and forehead really nicely and keeps my makeup in place for most of the time I wear my makeup. I don’t use this daily but when I do use it to bake, it is such a good powder. For £5, I wasn’t expecting the best but it does its job.


I rarely wear lashes but when I do, I found it really hard to apply them with normal tweezers. These ones from Primark have been super helpful. I love the curve of them and they really do help put your lashes in place. They’re just tweezers but even from Primark, they’re good.


The last thing in my March favourites is this Brow Pencil from Primark. As I’ve gotten more into keeping my brows nice, I needed a pencil to define them. This combined with the Revolution brow definer costs £3.50 and honestly, it does the trick. My brows look amazing. I don’t like buying expensive things most of the time so finding a cheap but good brow product was at the top of my list this year.

March Playlist

So March is over and we’re into a quarter of 2019? How fast is it going?!

What’s on your favourites list for March?


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