My Makeup Collection: Palettes

It’s that time again where I show you a part of my makeup collection and today’s post is all about palettes! There are a lot of Revolution palettes I must say but they’re good for the money so it’s a win either way. 


First up are the Revolution Reloaded palettes in Newtrals 2 and Iconic Division. Both of these have bright colours. Newtrals two is very pink and red toned and great for soft eye looks. The Iconic Division palette is very green/orange orientated. I really love these palettes. The shadows are very pigmented and for only £4, it is a good bargain! The pans are really big as well so these palettes will last a while.


Next up is the Good as Gold palette from Revolution. I got this free as I spent over £12 in Superdrug. I really like this palette as it doesn’t just have eyeshadows. There are also 4 highlighters. I like that anyone can use the palette, no matter what skin tone they have. Next up is the NYX Love Contours All palette and I love this one. it is such a good travel palette. It doesn’t just include eyeshadows and highlighters. There are two contour shades and two eyebrow powders as well. I think this is a great all-in-one palette and it isn’t too big therefore saving you space in your makeup bag.


Now, these two go way back. My sister got me these for my 18th birthday and although I don’t use them anymore and they’re probably expired, I can’t get rid of them. These are the Redemption palettes in Mermaids VS Unicorns and Iconic 3 from Revolution (told you I had a lot from Revolution). The Iconic 3, as you can tell has hit pan and I used to wear the same eye look every day. I loved this palette and I’m gonna keep it because it’s the palette that helped me fall in love with makeup. I don’t really use the Mermaids VS Unicorns palette but if I ever need a pop of colour, it’s there.

I don’t advise you to use expired makeup. There an expiry date for a reason and if you do use it after it has expired, you are doing so at your own risk.


Next up are the Revolution (shock) Fortune Favours the Brave and Ultra Eyeshadows palette. These two have been in my collection a while and were the first ones I actually bought myself. I don’t really use these ones anymore but I really like the colours in them. They are quite heavy palettes which I love. The pans for the shadows are quite small but there are a lot of shadows in each palette. The pigmentation is not as good as some of the other Revolution palettes but they’re still good for a soft and subtle look.


These are the Revolution Pro palettes in Revelation and Astrological. I haven’t used these palettes much am looking forward to using that hot pink from the Revelation palette. I believe these palettes are around £8 and for that price, I think it’s a bargain. I can’t wait to play more with these shadows. They sell one of these palettes with all matte shades which are different and bright colours and I think that is the best palette in the range. I mean I still haven’t got my hands on it as it’s always out of stock.


Finally a little break from Revolution! This is the Morphe 35F Fall Into Frost and the Urban Decay Naked Cherry palette. The Morphe palette is mostly shimmers with like 7 transitions shades and one the first proper makeup item I bought from Beauty Bay. I think this palette is beautiful. It contains a wide range of colours so you can create any look with it. I love the pan side and for £22, it proved to be a good buy. The Naked Cherry palette I won in a giveaway and Is the first high-end product I have in my collection. I really love the pigmentation of the shades and I think for the price, it’s okay. It’s not special but it is a good palette.


Last but not least in my collection is the Soph X Revolution Palettes. The first one she brought out (right) Jack bought me after I had bought the Extra Spice palette. I do like the colours in the original palette but I don’t like the feel of the packaging. I don’t know why but It feels weird to me. For £10, both are a good price for such great palettes. The Extra Spice palette is my favourite throughout my whole collection. I have used it nearly every time I do my makeup and I’ve hit pan on so many shades including the yellow (I know, colour? me?) and I will be buying it again because it is such a great palette for so many looks. It is a great travel palette for a holiday because there are so many things you can do with it.

So there are my palettes. I know there’s a lot of Revolution but it’s my favourite brand and I think, for the price, you get good quality products. 

What’s your favourite palette in your collection?


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