My Makeup Collection: Lipsticks

It’s been a while since I’ve properly posted and although I’m finally getting back into the swing of things, it’s still a bit hard. If you didn’t see on Twitter, I will be posting every Tuesday and Thursday so something new will come each of those days! 

Today’s post is the start of my makeup collection! I will be doing this as a little series that will consist of one of these types of post every week! Today I’m starting off with lipsticks! Strap yourself in as it’s a long one!



I think this is my most used category as you can’t go wrong with a simple nude lipstick.


First up are the Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colours from Rimmel London. I got two of these nude ones from a VoxBox from Influenster and I love them! I do love a darker nude but they all are really nourishing and they don’t feel too drying on the lips.


Next up is the Primark Liquid Lipsticks. I got these in a pack of 4 and you will see the last one later but again, these don’t feel drying on the lips and for £4, it’s a good bargain. I really like the formula of Primark matte liquid lipsticks and they don’t come off easily.


Last up in the Nude category we have Primark, Mac and Revolution. The Mac lipstick is my most used one out of all my collection. It is the perfect nude and it’s lasted really well! I also love the Revolution one but it tends to dry my lips out a lot. The Primark one stays put for so long and I love the nude lavender colour it has.



I love reds and a bold red lip look good on anyone and although I don’t really wear pink lipstick, I have one! So here is the Reds and Pinks in my collection!


I like lipstick but I love matte too much to wear much else. These lipsticks from Maybelline I really like as they aren’t too sticky and nourish my lips really nicely. I have had the pink one since my 18th Birthday so I definitely need to throw it away but there are memories attached to it so I feel bad, same for my first two palettes. I love the red Maybelline lipstick in Berry Bossy. It has a purple tone to it which I love. A deep red is always a must-have for me!


Last up in my reds category are these three beautiful reds! Not pictured is my Sigma Beauty lipstick in Venom, I must have had in my bag from the night before but it is such a good lipstick! The one on the left is the Revolution Pro Supreme Matte Lip Pigment in Spiritual. I love this bright red. It is so pigmented and I really love the payoff it gives. It doesn’t come off easily and looks so amazing!

Next up is my Revolution lipstick in Propaganda. I love this lipstick, it is a simple red and loves beautiful on the lips. Although it is matte, it doesn’t dry down to a super matte formula which again helps to not dry out my lips. Last up is one of my newest additions to my collection. It is the Mac lipstick in D for Danger. jack actually got me lipstick and it is such a perfect colour! It is a deep purple toned red with a burgundy tone to it as well. This lipstick is so beautiful and as you may know, I would go normally for a matte but this one is so beautiful as it is.



I love a good nude but browns are actually so nice to wear as well! I don’t have many but here are the brown lipsticks in my collection!


First up is my Mac Retro Lip Colour in Ess-Presso. I love this cool toned brown. As my skin tone is neutral, I love to wear this lipstick paired with a brown smokey eye. I think it is a beautiful colour and a beautiful brown. Next up is the PS… Super Matte Liquid Lipstick in Karla.

I loved this lipstick for a few months last year and wore it every time I did my makeup. It is a beautiful purple toned brown and it is SUPER MATTE. Like more matte than anything I have tried and although it did dry my lips out, I really liked the formula! Next is the PS… Liquid Lipstick that matches the set from the Nudes category. I really like this nude. It’s a pretty brown and dries down really nicely.


Last up in this category is the Stay Matte lipstick in Plunge. I really like this brown and although I don’t wear it much, it is really pretty and the formula is really nice on the lips. Last is the Morphe matte lipstick in the shade Nibble. My sister got me two of these for a Christmas present and I love the colour of this lipstick. It also isn’t too matte and stays on for a long time. For £12 for a morphe lipstick, it’s a bargain!

Other Colours


In this category, I have other colours. First up a Topshop lipstick in the shade Black Widow and it’s a deep purple. I love the look of this lipstick on my lips and it’s such a creamy formula! My best friend got me this for my 19th Birthday and I’ve loved it ever since. Next up is Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick in the shade Weirdo. When I started to get more in makeup, I remember buying this in December 2016. I loved Jeffree and knew I wanted black and decided to take a leap. I know It needs to go in the bin but I can’t bring myself to throw it away with the memories attached to it. I must say Jeffree’s lipsticks are so creamy and they dry down so nicely. I love mine and I hope to buy more soon!

Next up are two Kiko lipsticks. The first one is the Smart Fusion Lipstick in the shade 436. It is a greyish brown lipstick. Although it had brown tinges to it, it comes off more grey on the lips. I like this lipstick but haven’t worn it in ages! The last lipstick in this category is the Kiko Instant Colour in 04. It looks brown in the bottle but it comes out more purple. It is a lovely deep purple matte and it doesn’t dry down too much!

Lip Gloss/Lip Care


The last category in my lipstick collection is my lip glosses and lip care products. As you can tell, I don’t buy glosses that often. First up is the Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker in the shade Plumsup and the mini Mother Pucker on the end in the shade Bare Enough. I love these glosses because they are lip plumpers. We all want bigger lips but I don’t want to go for fillers (there’s nothing wrong with cosmetic surgery or fillers, you do you girl) but I’m a bit of a wuss so I use lip plumping lip glosses to help. I don’t really like the feeling of gloss on my lips but I can deal with the Soap & Glory ones. They also really work. I put some on before I start my makeup routine and by the time I do my lipstick they are a little plumper.

Next up is the Natralus Ointment. This ointment can be used anywhere but I use it on my lip to help when my lips are dry or cracked. It really does help and after I’ve worn lipstick for a day or two, it is a lifesaver. The same goes for the last product in my collection. It is the Nivea Pearly Shine lip balm. This lip balm is always in my lipstick basket (I have many other lip balms but they don’t really work for me) and this one helps to keep my lips nourished at the end of the day. I really like Nivea’s lip balms as they smell amazing and help keep my lips stay healthy!

That’s the end of my Lipstick Collection! It’s not much but it’s not too little which I like as I have a lot of choices!

What’s your favourite lipstick?


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26 thoughts on “My Makeup Collection: Lipsticks

  1. Love the name of the blog, very creative. The layout is gorgeous AF! All the lipsticks look so amazing; I have a pretty big collection myself, and I was thinking of doing a blog post about them, so this was really inspiring, Thank you

    Liked by 3 people

  2. I’m glad to see a fellow lipstick lover!!
    I had a favorite for a while, the Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer In the colour 303 Apocaliptic
    It was a bright pink and I absolutely loved the colour (It always made me happy because it was so bright)
    It does not stay on for long, or wear that well, but it ended up being my favorite nontheless.
    I am currently looking for a new favorite, so was happy to find this post from you!!
    Happy blogging 😉 ❤

    Liked by 2 people

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