Organising Your Makeup

It’s finally Friday and today, I thought I would show you guys how I organise my makeup. Since I have come to Uni, my makeup collection has grown massively. I came to uni with two palettes, a foundation and two lipsticks. Yes. I know. It’s not a lot and it’s because I wasn’t really into makeup. I only wore it because I wanted to on nights out. 


Fast forward to now and I have a whole drawer full of makeup and with that, I needed to separate and organise it. This post is all about how I organise it all and some tips if you want to organise yours!


So I keep my brushes on the top of my drawers in mason jars. I have one pot for my face brushes and the big one and the other pot is for my other brushes and the ones for my eyes. I also keep my mirror and body sprays on top. I like to keep things separate but make sure to make them look organised as a whole thing.


Also on the top of my drawers, I have my face products including my primers, foundations, concealer, setting powder and my beauty sponge. The baskets I got from Primark for £2. They’re really well-made and look beautiful. They come in three colours and each one holds a lot of things.


I use my top drawer to store the rest of my makeup. I use three of the Primark baskets to separate different parts of my makeup. I also keep my palettes in here stacked by size.


I made sure to put the tallest palette first and the smallest at the front. I don’t have an organiser for my palettes but I do recommend them if you have more than 10 palettes in your collection.

50652038_536815933488986_2996991031976656896_n (1)

At the front of the drawer, I have a white basket full of all of my lipsticks and lip products. I love having these baskets to separate parts of my makeup collection and they are big enough to fit most things in. Keep an eye out in February as I will be publishing a look through my collection!


This basket sits in front of my palettes and this basket contains all my eyeliners, mascaras, eye products and some face products including my current highlighters, contour palette and blush. I like to keep these close as it is a big part of my makeup routine. This way I can get to them easily but make sure they are organised right. Plus there was no room in the basket on top to add anything in.

Tip: Keep related things together to find them easily. This could be face products, highlighters. Anything that relates will be easier to find when it’s all together


In the last basket, I have all of my extra things I love but am not currently using. This includes highlighters, contour palettes and an eyeshadow quad. I also store an extra beauty blender in here. In front of this basket, I keep my extra fixing spray and brush cleaner.

I store my extra makeup and stuff I rarely use in an acrylic makeup organiser in my wardrobe as I don’t have much extra makeup but wanted to store it neatly.

Tip: Have a big clear out of makeup you don’t use then organise it. It helps to declutter and get rid of products that are either out of date or you haven’t used much of

So there is how I store my makeup! Is there anything you do the same? I will be posting a few blog posts about my makeup collection in February so keep an eye for them!


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