2018 Beauty Favourites

I gave a sneak peek on Monday but yes, today’s post is all about my 2018 Beauty Favourites. I know, it’s nearly the end of January but last year my makeup game escalated and I went from having 3 palettes to about 12 and now I also have about 20 lipsticks. It’s gotten mad but don’t worry, there is a post coming in February on how to keep your makeup organised and maybe even a few posts on my whole collection!

2018 was mad. A dupe for Shape Tape took over the world, brands began to realise that 20 shades are not enough for everyone to match to and there were some massive flops but today, we are talking about the things I loved last year and there are so many!

e.l.f. Contour Palette

I never really contoured or bronzed my skin before this palette but luckily last year I decided it was time to make my face chiselled. I really like the consistency of the powder, it is so easy to blend and it feels like nothing on the skin. For £7.50, this is a really good palette. I can use the highlighter for my brow bone and the light powder for my face if I’m travelling. Although this is a good palette, both the contour and bronzer shade have shimmer in them and although I can’t spot it, you can see it in the pan.

Blending Brush


I love buying new brushes and I found this at a beauty shop that was closing down. I don’t know what the brand is but I really like it. It blends my eyeshadow out really well and can also pack it into my crease better than my Morphe brush can at times. I really like how big it is and how it helps me blend so easily. It was only £1 but I really enjoy blending my shadows out with this brush.

Garnier Eye Cream


I love skincare and when I collaborated with Chemist on a post, I found this eye cream. I have really big bags under my eyes and using this as a primer and in my skincare routine has really helped decrease the look of my bags. I like how it keeps my under-eyes hydrated but at the same time helping with the discolouration. I don’t know what’s in it that is helping but I need more of this soon!

Soph X Revolution Extra Spice Palette


My palette definitely does not look like this anymore hence why I am using an old photo. I never thought a palette could make me love colour so much. I started to hit pan on the yellow before any other colour and 1. I normally am obsessed with some other palette, therefore, hitting pan is not a common thing for me and 2. yellow is not one of my usual colours. This palette changed my life and my makeup. I love doing a copper and brown eye but the sunset eye is now one of my favourites to do. 

Honestly, I have talked my ass off about this palette, it is so good. It is one of the best palettes I have ever used and I am still loving it! It’s only £10 and honestly was one of the best purchases I made last year. If you haven’t got your hands on, you should!

PS… Pro Liquid Lipstick


I got this in the sale and I am so happy I did. It does the same job as a MAC lipstick! It isn’t as long-lasting but it does the same job and dries down really nicely. The lavender colour is really neutral and I love how it goes with a lot of other colours! Primark stepped up their makeup game in 2018 and I’m excited to see what they have planned for this year.

Marc Jacobs Highliner


I got this liner in a VoxBox from Influenster and I really love it. I have been using it for nearly a year now and I still haven’t run out! The quality sure does make up for the price but I think this is a good eyeliner for the waterline. It doesn’t come off easily meaning it lasts nearly a whole day which some other eyeliners don’t do. It comes in a range of colours, therefore, one for every occasion.

Conceal & Define Concealer


This concealer shook the beauty community in 2018. Even Jeffree Star was using it. I always wanted to buy Shape Tape by Tarte but with the price point, I couldn’t do it. When this came out and was hailed as a dupe for ST, I knew I had to get it. With the smaller one priced at £4 and the SuperSize being £7, it really was a no-brainer. I love the coverage of this concealer and there are so many shades. It blends really beautifully and I haven’t had much creasing so this is definitely a winner that I’m gonna be using for a long time.

Soap & Glory Thick & Fast Mascara


I got this mascara at the end of 2017 and it has become my holy grail. My lashes look amazing after using this and I love how long they are. They don’t clump and look so natural. There have been some really good mascaras that came out last year but I still stuck by this. I love it and it’s not too heavy on the bank either!

Revolution Brow Definer


If you know me by now, I rarely do my brows. Last year I decided to actually shape my brows and take care of them more. I looked at what they were last year to now and I must say, they looked terrible back then and it was only a year ago! This is the first brow product I bought and has been my saviour for my brows over the past 6 months. They’re now tame and actually look like brows. The spoolie is my favourite part and it’s not small which I love. For how cheap it is, this is a good brow definer.

So there are my 2018 Beauty Favourites, what were yours?


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