IN-DEPTH: Fabriah Hair Care

Today’s post is all about Fabriah Hair Care by Merlin Professionals. I was kindly sent over three of their products to try in December and over the last month, have tested them out. Here is my In-Depth review of the products! This is my honest review as always and this post is not sponsored.


I was kindly sent over a shampoo, conditioner and a weekly hair mask. I really like the size of the bottles and they lasted over a month! I used the shampoo and conditioner whenever I washed my every (every couple of days) and the mask weekly/bi-weekly. It is on the pricey side but the results are amazing. They gave me the products that suited my hairstyle. I have coloured frizz-prone curly hair so I was hoping these products would help keep my hair healthy and they did their job very well.

Shampoo & Conditioner


These two are pricey I must say but they really helped keep my hair healthy. Dyeing my hair has really not kept it in good form but the conditioner made my hair so soft. The shampoo really helped keep my hair clean for up to 5 days and it smelled of pear drops so a win there. It didn’t smell like chemicals so I guess that’s a plus. 

The shampoo nourished my hair and made my hair feel normal again. Again after dying it so many times, it began to feel straw-like but this helped it stay soft and at the same time keep the colour in my hair. The conditioner really helped my split ends and frizziness. It made my hair feel so soft and luxurious. I really love the results these two have given me and I can’t wait to purchase more!

These are on the pricey side so if you are looking to buy these, make sure to get the ones suited for your hair. They have a big range so you will be able to find something for your hair type. 

Weekly Power Treatment


I love hair masks so when I was sent this Power Treatment Pak, I knew I was in for a real treat. This has made my hair so so soft and has helped repair some of the damage I have done from colouring and heat. I really like this as it smells so nice and makes my hair feel so smooth! If you have frizz-prone hair, you need this. It really does help and I love how my hair looks after using it. It makes it easier to brush after my shower and it makes my hair smell so good!

Overall, I think these products are worth the money and I’m all about saving but these have really changed the way I take care of my hair. Good quality products make a difference! I love the scent of these products and the way they make my hair feel is just so gorgeous. If you want to splurge and give your hair some good love, get these products tailored to your hair! They do wonders!

What’s your favourite product to use on your hair?


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