Blogmas Day 21: Top Blogmas Posts 2018

I’ve talked about my favourite bloggers of 2018 but what about the people doing Blogmas? Fear not, here are my favourite posts this Blogmas! Please check everyone out, they’ve put so much time and effort into their work and I am so proud of them!

Christmas Tree Construction – Rather Be in Disneyland

I love reading these types of posts and after Jennifer added me in her post, I was so buzzed to see she posted her tree too! I love finding out what decorations people are putting up and if they have a theme.

Christmas Cards with a Difference – Beauty Basics

Christmas cards are mostly always the same but the ones Jade have found in her post are really cute and funny. I really like finding a different kind of card. Yes, I do work in a card shop and yes, I have been seeing Christmas since I started back in October.

Must-Have Winter Essentials – Fleur Du Belle

Amy is such an amazing blogger and I love her blogmas posts! This post is so festive and I love that she had hot chocolate in her post, definitely an essential around this time!

A Blogger’s Christmas – A Mega Life

I loved this little series! This post was in collaboration with Emma, another blogger and you get to find out what their loves are at Christmas and what they would like to receive as a present this Christmas!

Walking in a Winter Wonderland – Coco Chanel

Although Chanel isn’t doing Blogmas, I just wanted to give this post a shoutout as it is such a beautiful post and is so helpful if you’ve never been to somewhere like Winter Wonderland before! I love Chanel’s blog and this post has got me excited for when I go back to Hyde Park Winter Wonderland!

So there are my favourite posts this December from some of the most amazing people! I hope you enjoyed today’s post and I think it is mental there are 3 days left of blogmas and 4 days till Christmas!!

See You Tomorrow!


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