Blogmas Day 17: Favourite Bloggers of 2018

It comes that time again in the year where I reflect and look at what I’ve done this year. Within that, I have found some amazing bloggers and their posts are just so easy to read and every time they post, I’m eager to get onto their site first. So here are my favourite Bloggers of 2018!

Beauty Basics – Jade Allesse


I honestly don’t know how long we’ve been friends but we found each other through a chat on Twitter and Jade is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. She’s so kind, caring and like, how is she so beautiful? Jade runs Beauty Basics, a beauty blog. Honestly, she is so down to earth in her blog posts and tells it like it is. I loved reading her posts this year and I’m so excited to see what’s to come!

KS Loves – Katrina


Katrina is such a gem and has recently got really into doing YouTube and I’m so proud of her! Her blog, KS Loves is honestly amazing, she talks about beauty, skincare and lifestyle. She even went Keto (I’m not sure if she is still, I saw that cookie on your story aha!) but her blog is so beautiful and her photos are just so adorable. ALSO, she got married this year and oh my god, I am so happy for her!

Abby Clare


Abby is such a kind soul and she is also doing Blogmas over on her blog too so make sure to check her posts out! Abby runs her self-titled blog talking about beauty, food and lifestyle. Her little corner of the internet is full of colour and so is her Instagram.

Paulina Loya 


Another one of my girlies that got married this year! Doesn’t she look stunning though? Pau is so funny and she’s just so bubbly and happy. Honestly, her positivity is so beautiful and I am so glad to have found her! She runs her self-titled blog about makeup, fashion and lifestyle! I love her blog and the photos from her engagement photos are the best thing I think I’ve seen this year! 

There are my favourite bloggers of 2018! I know there isn’t a lot but this year has been mental and I have read mostly all of the blog posts these gals publish!

QOTD: Who is your favourite Blogger of 2018?

See You Tomorrow!


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