Blogmas Day 16: Christmas Pinterest Inspiration

We’re over halfway through Blogmas and December and today’s post is all about my favourite Christmas Pins and my inspiration from my Christmas 2018 Pinterest Board!

Below are my favourite pins for this Christmas!

This cosy and rustic Autumn Christmas tree theme bring the essence of the outdoors inside. A table and bench set provides aple space for guests, while candles on the mantlepiece set the mood. Wildlife motifs and embossed patterns add to the warmth of this beautiful theme.

I love decorating and hopefully when we buy our own house, I want to make Jack and I’s living room look like this. It looks so perfect and the decorations are just so pretty and festive!

Learn to make a folded paper Christmas tree and an origami star -- simple, quick and effective decorations for Christmas!

I made a silver cardboard star when I was in year 6 and it was at the top of our tree for years but it got ruined so seeing that these stars are still being made makes me so happy and I can’t wait to make more of these!

DIY Glitter Christmas Cards. #winter #Christmas #crafts

Handmade cards are such a precious thing and like the one above, they wouldn’t get thrown in the bin. This has given me the idea to make my own for next year!

I know what you're thinking: "Oh great, another Christmas ornament wreath tutorial," BUT my tutorial comes with a twist! I made my wreath one-handed. That's rig…If you are anything like me, you have a lot of baubles left over then I love this DIY wreath! I love that it only needs 2/3 things and it’s easy to make! I can’t wait to make my own!

Two Christmas Printables

I love photo challenges and with the festivities going on around me, photos should be taken more around this time of year. I saw this photo challenge and now I’m so excited for Christmas Day! Pinterest is always useful if you want to find stuff like this!

Finding gifts for people is hard but thank go for Pinterest posts like this. They have helped find some really good ideas that I may use for presents! The one shown here is a Smores Kit. Like this is genius for kids!

So, there are my favourite pins from this year’s collection on my Pinterest. You can check it out, follow and try the pins I’ve saved!

QOTD: Have you tried a Christmas photo challenge this month?

See You Tomorrow!


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