Blogmas Day 15: Winter Skincare Routine

Welcome to Day 15 of Blogmas! How are we nearly halfway done with December?! It seems mad! 

In the Winter, our skin becomes drier and with that, we need to apply more products to keep that healthy glow we love. Today’s post is all about my winter skincare routine and the products I use daily and which I love!

Nivea Micellar Water


First I use the Nivea Micellar Water to clean the dirt from my skin and also to remove my makeup if I’m wearing any. I have used this for a few years now and it is in my daily routine, it is a good micellar water for cleaning the dirt away from your face and it is sensitive on the skin.

Soap & Glory Facial Wash


I have spoken about this face wash for a while but I still love it. It is such a good face wash for its price and it is one of the best I have tried. I use this to clean my fash and give it a good scrub using a silicone pad to get all the leftover dirt off.

L’Oreal Pure Clay Detox Wash


Next, I use this L’Oreal Detox Wash to cleanse my skin to give my skin a detox. I like this as it isn’t a mask but makes my skin feel so good and healthy. With the weather getting colder, this helps to keep my skin healthy.

Anatomicals Hangover Cream, Revolution 5% Caffeine Serum & Clearasil Spot Treatment


These are the face creams and serums that I use in my routine. I apply the Clearasil Rapid Action Treatment cream to any spots, the Revolution Serum to my under eyes and dot the Anatomicals face cream around my face and I make sure it is rubbed into my skin. I really am liking this combination at the moment. It makes my skin plump and clear. Winter weather + makeup = bad skin and this helps to keep it looking and feeling healthy while making it glow naturally!


Last but certainly not least is the lips. I get really bad chapped lips in the winter and the cold makes them crack and bleed. This Paw Paw Ointment is a saviour right now. It’s really cheap and makes my lips so soft. It is not a plumping lip balm but it is soothing and I definitely recommend it if you get bad chapped lips!

QOTD: What helps you during the winter weather that you couldn’t live without?

See You Tomorrow!


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