Blogmas Day 12: Men’s Gift Guide

I honestly don’t know how Blogmas and December are going so far! It’s just under two weeks to Christmas and I am freaking out about presents! Luckily you don’t have to because today’s post is a men’s gift guide and tomorrow is a woman’s! I have you covered!

DISCLAIMER: None of these products are sponsored. I either got sent the products to feature in my gift guide or they are things I have found and like for this gift guide.

Single Malt Whisky Gift Set

Image result for whisky tasting company
Source: Whisky Tasting Company

If a man in your life loves whisky, this is a great gift set to get him! With 5 mini bottles of whisky for £29.99, you can’t really go wrong! This can also be personalised for that special someone! It contains 4 Scottish single malts and one Wales award-winning single malt! 

Home Brewing Kit


I know this is two alcohol posts but who doesn’t look a good drink? Speaking of a drink, you can make your own with his home brewing kit from Home Brewtique. There are 3 kits to choose from starting at £57! They sent me over their Complete Brewing Kit and I was so excited to make it because Jack and I love our beer and he’s very in craft beer. It’s quite easy to do and you can buy the recipe packs separate. There are more than 10 recipes to choose from and on the website, it shows the ABV, how difficult it is to make and the hops within the beer. I think this is an amazing gift for the beer lover in your life who wants to try their hand at brewing themselves!

Fender Premium Picks – 24 Pack

Fender Premium Picks Sampler - 24 Pack Includes Thin, Medium & Heavy Gauges
Source: Amazon

If you have a family member or a partner who plays the guitar, you will know the struggle of finding picks EVERYWHERE. These ones come in a 24 pack for under £10 from Amazon so he will always have one in his reach. 

Personalised Pic Case

Image result for beecycle plectrum case
Source: BEEcycle

Remember when I said he could lose his picks? Well here is the perfect solution! I found this pic case for £10 on Not On The High Street by BEEcycle and let me tell you, I may buy this for someone I know as they lose their picks all of the time! It’s even personalised!

Paul Smith Man No.2


God this smells so amazing! I love this scent so much and it is such a good stocking filler for the man who needs some new aftershave! It has a strong scent but it’s a nice strong. I really like this is £19.00 for 100ml, it has a good price point. You can also buy this in Boots!

Fitbit Smartwatch

Image result for fitbit smartwatch
Source: Dillard’s

This watch can be for anybody, not just men! With the Apple Watch still so pricey, the new Fit Bit Smartwatch is a much cheaper option! For under £160, you get pretty much the same features as an Apple Watch. I really like the watch-face and if you want to get him something special then get him this! It is such a cute and versatile watch!

So there are my picks for my Gift Guide for Men! I hope you guys are enjoying Blogmas!

QOTD: What are you hoping to get this Christmas?

See You Tomorrow!


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