Blogmas Day 10: Christmas Decorations Reveal

It’s Day 10 of Blogmas! Already nearly a third done with December! Since it is about that time where everyone puts their decorations up (I had mine up in November because I’m sad) so I thought I would show you my decorations this year!


My mum was a big part of my life until she died over 5 years ago now. When I lived with my nan we would light a candle for her but now I live with Jack, I found this decoration and decided to put a picture of my mum there. She’s always with me and always watching down on me!

I got these from Wilko’s and I didn’t think they were as big as they are but we decided to put them in the hallways as it was looking a bit bare but now has a bit of gold accent!


Near our back door, we decided to put our advent calendars here. We were meant to alternate but Jack hasn’t really stuck to that! I really like them here and although they’re a small detail at Christmas, I have had one every year since I can remember!


I got these stockings from Card Factory where I work and when I saw them, I knew I needed them. I have never had a stocking that I can remember so I thought I would start a new tradition with Jack and give each other little presents in our stockings! These were only £1.99 each and they have a variety of different designs! Bigging up my work but they’re really well made and so soft!


Not much of a change on my desk but I wrapped tinsel around my lamp and along my desk just to give it that extra festive feeling. I do feel Christmassy when I write Blogmas with this around and my Christmas playlist in the background.


I saw this in Wilko’s and I knew what I wanted to do. Jack and I have been together for nearly two years and this is our second Christmas together. I thought I would start the tradition of picking out a bauble for each year that we spend together. We don’t have something for last year but we’re okay with that. I may even get him to pick out the next’s years.

And probably the moment you’ve all been waiting for. The Christmas Tree.


I got our tree from Wilko for £30! Most of the decorations are from Wilko’s too! I love our little gold and silver theme with hints of red and other colours. I did pick up a tree topper but it was too heavy so I’m still looking for one!

Well, that’s Day 10 done! I can’t believe it is going so quick!

QOTD: What’s your favourite Christmas Decoration in your house?

See You Tomorrow!


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