Blogmas Day 7: Christmas Wallpapers

How is it Day 7 of Blogmas already?! It is going so fast and soon enough, Christmas Day will be upon us. To get you in the festive spirit, even more, I thought today, I would show you my favourite Christmas Wallpapers and let you know which ones I have used for my backgrounds!

DISCLAIMER: All of these photos are from Unsplash and the photographer has been sourced underneath.

Photo 17-11-2018, 21 28 19
Source: Annie Spratt
Photo 17-11-2018, 21 29 16
Photo 17-11-2018, 21 29 51
Source: Roberto Nickson
Photo 17-11-2018, 21 30 12
Source: Rodolfo Marques
Photo 17-11-2018, 21 30 27
Source: Kari Shea
Photo 17-11-2018, 21 30 41
Source: David Pisnoy
Photo 17-11-2018, 21 31 47
Source: Humphrey Muleba
Photo 17-11-2018, 21 32 10
Source: David Zawila
Photo 17-11-2018, 21 32 32
Source: Ben White
Photo 17-11-2018, 21 36 03
Source: Brigitte Tohm
Photo 17-11-2018, 21 35 53
Source: Ben Mullins
Photo 17-11-2018, 21 34 32
Source: Clem Onojeghuo

For my Phone background, I have the photo taken by David Zawila and I have the bauble photo by Ben White. It has helped me get more into the Christmas mood and I hope these will help you too. If you need to download any of them, I have a dropbox folder for them that you can use to download them all too!

As you know I am doing a Question of the day throughout Blogmas so here is today’s question.

QOTD: What is your favourite Christmas tradition?

See You Tomorrow!


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2 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 7: Christmas Wallpapers

  1. I love unsplash for blog photographs as I am so bad at taking photos myself, especially as there is less daylight during the day to take photographs in. I think my personal favourite is the first star one. xx


  2. I love Christmas Wallpapers! I’ve got a cute one of my phone of Carnaby Street’s Christmas Lights in London ❤ The bauble photo by Ben Mullins is so pretty!

    My favourite Christmas tradition is wearing my Christmas Jumper/ personalised Christmas t-shirt on Christmas Eve ❤

    Amy x


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