Blogmas Day 2: Christmas Bucket List

Every Christmas, I make a list of things I wanna do and every year I try to complete it and like last year, I want to do that again. I didn’t really complete many last year but some of these I have nearly done and I hope you add your bucket list in the comments below!

Buy A Tree

Okay, so I admit this one I have already done which is quite good of me as recently my life is a mess so I have no clue what I’m doing! But you will see my tree later on in Blogmas!

Decorate the flat

Again, I think I’ve completed this. It is very festive in my flat at the moment but only the front room is decorated so maybe I can sneak some more decorations in soon!

Attend a Light Switch On

 I love light switch on’s and I think most are done by now but I am gonna try to find one to go this year (soon hopefully!)

Go to a Christmas Market

I love everything Christmas and we used to go to the Birmingham Christmas Market every year with school and I would love to again this year!

Take a photo each day

I am a big sucker for creating and saving memories and I love to photograph everything so I am hoping this year I can take a photo every day again!

Take a Christmas Light Walk

We used to drive around and look at the Christmas lights but as I have gotten older and moved away, we don’t do that anymore and I would love to start this tradition again with Jack.

Complete Blogmas

This is my second year of doing Blogmas and I love every minute of it but it is so stressful. I am currently in my last year of uni with a part-time job so I am scrambling around like a headless chicken trying to get everything done! I won’t give up though!

Binge Christmas Movies for a day

Honestly, I just want all my Uni work done so I can just do Blogmas and go to work but I also want some days where I can bake cookies and watch Hallmark Christmas movies all day. I have nearly done this but I only did 3 that day so I need to step up my game!

Go to WinterWonderland Nottingham

I went last year with Jack and I’ve also been to the one in Hyde Park in London and honestly, I loved the Nottingham one more. It is so cute and much smaller than London but feels more homely in a way. 

So there is my Christmas Bucket List! I hope you enjoyed reading today’s Blogmas post and remember, I am doing Blogmas all throughout this month!

QOTD: What is most important to you at Christmas?

See You Tomorrow!


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17 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 2: Christmas Bucket List

  1. Sounds amazing Katy! Just reading this it’s making me feel festive!! 🎅🏻☃️🎄🌟 I’d love to go to Winterwondeland Hyde Park it looks so busy with all of the people… Something to add to my bucket list this year (but light not have time) is to go to a wreath making class ✨ XO

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  2. I didn’t know Nottingham has a Winter Wonderland! I’ve been so close all this time. I should definitely go this year especially as some of the Christmas markets around me are closing around the 4th December 😦

    I’ve got a bucket list as well, I want to try and visit as many Christmas markets as I can and watch all the Christmas movies I have on my list while making gingerbread snowmen!

    I think what is most important to me at Christmas is seeing my family. I like to make sure I see them all before I go back to Newcastle for uni ❤

    Amy xx |

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    1. Yes they do! It is small but its so cute! Hopefully we could meet up! Yes gal do it!
      I definitley know what you mean! I didn’t see my family before Christmas last year for long and this year got to spend the day with them!x


  3. I love walking around and seeing all the lights and decorations – everyone decorates in such an unique way that you never know what you will see. Also Christmas Markets are such good places to find out of the ordinary presents. xx

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