November Unibox Unboxing

It’s that time of the month again! I love when I get my Unibox and this month’s theme was Sweet Dreams. I don’t know a single person who doesn’t adore sleep. It’s one of the best things! I was really excited to find out what was in this box and when I opened it, I was super happy! 

I am an ambassador for Unibox so if you wanna get your hands on the December Box, Winter Wonderland then head to their website and use code AMBKM5 to get £5 off your first box!

Let’s take a look inside this month’s box!

Fox Hot/Cold Sleep Mask


I don’t like the idea of things on my eyes and I have never tried a sleep mask so I decided to give a go. 2 days on and I am loving it! I haven’t barely woken up in the night and there is a gel pack in the mask which can be put in the fridge or heated. I think this is gonna be my saviour when it comes to headaches and migraines!

Teapigs Snooze Tea


I love a cup of tea before bed and this was so good! It’s a mix of apple, chamomile and lavender and I don’t know whether it was the tea or I was tired but I slept so well after this cup of tea! You can buy these as a pack not individual but I recommend this to anyone who likes fruity tea and wants a good nights sleep!



Next were some earplugs. I have never used these and I will need them if Jack stars snoring again but I think it’s cute that everyone who ordered a box got a different colour! I’m excited to see if these work!

Room Spray by HelpMeOrganics


I’m a big believer of pillow and room sprays and this did not disappoint. I sprayed it on my pillow and around my room before getting into bed and it made my room smell dreamy and I think it calmed my brain down (it’s quite active when I go to bed). I’m really interested to see what other products HelpMeOrganics have cause I need more of this!

Nugglets from Livia’s Kitchen


I probably won’t ever become vegan but if I was, I would stock up on these. I’m not gonna lie, I love trying vegan food but when it comes to things like cookie dough and desserts, I’m always a bit curious as they make these as a substitute to the actual things. To be honest, these were pretty good as a mid-morning snack. To me, they don’t taste exactly like cookie dough but that’s not the point. I would say they had a cookie dough texture and a tiny bit of the taste. I did really enjoy them though!


Last but not least was the monthly magazine, a quote card (this month’s was Eleanor Roosevelt) and a Dream List writing pad. I really love having the quote card as I have them above my laptop and they are really motivating! I love all of these and they are always near me on my desk!

So there is this month’s box! I know I didn’t do November Favourites but this week has been hectic! 

Also, this is the last day of November so let’s say goodbye and Hello to December and that means Blogmas! 

Blogmas starts Tomorrow at 10:30AM!

See You Tomorrow!


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