Winter Essentials

During this time, we all need a little help keeping our skin and body okay while the harsh weather hits us. Today’s post includes all the winter essentials you need to keep you and your body warm, calm and glowing while the winter is upon us.

Anatomicals Hangover Cream and Soap & Glory Hand Food


During the winter, my skin tends to get more cracked and rough so to keep it healthy, glowing and un-cracked, I use the Anatomicals Hangover cream to help rejuvenate my skin and keep it glowing. Soap & Glory’s Hand Food is my literal saviour. I work in a card shop so after a shift, I always use this as I normally walk to and from work. This helps keep my hands soft. Both of these products are quite cheap and can be bought online.

Pure Face Wipes and Garnier Skin Active Mask


Everyone needs to keep their skin healthy and radiant so I use the Pure exfoliating face wipes to clean my face. These are really cheap and you can get exfoliating face wipes nearly anywhere. I also use face masks that help hydrate and radiate my skin to keep it looking healthy even though the cold is here. With the wind picking up, it is important to keep your face clean to help your pores stay unclogged.

VITL Vitamin D Capsules and Boost Green Tea


While there is little sun in the winter here in England, we still need those vitamins. I have been using the VITL Vitamin D capsules I got in my October Unibox and with the cloudy days, they are really helping me out. Boost green tea has also got extra vitamins so it is important to get those extra into your body to help it fight the cold.

Yankee Candle – All Is Bright


Nothing can warm you up more than a candle and I still have some from last Christmas so I am feeling very cosy at the moment. Not only can it help you warm up but can help you stay calm and bring a nice smell to your room. I love sitting in bed listening to music with a candle burning. It does help the winter blues.

Paw Paw Ointment and Soap & Glory Sexy Motherpucker


I get such bad dry and cracked lips during the winter and I found that this Paw Paw ointment helps keep them smooth and protects them against the cold. The Soap & Glory Sexy Motherpucker lip gloss is plumping so it gives you a little bit of help when you need it.

What are your winter essentials?

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