Beauty Hacks that Work

It’s a new week! Well, it’s now Tuesday so the week has already started but we all know Mondays are the worst! Today’s post is all about the beauty hacks/tips that I have tried and which have worked for me. From beauty blenders to eyeshadow, we have a lot to get through so let’s go! I hope I can save you some money and time!

Cutting your Beauty Blender/Sponge in Half


I actually found this hack through Katrina from KS Loves and it has made my life so much easier. Cutting your beauty blender in half may seem like a drastic move but it is so helpful! It is best for when you need to blend under your eyes. I find it hard with an uncut blender and it helps to get in those corners. I know I could buy smaller ones but I like to save money!

Using a Lip Brush to Highlight


Now I don’t mean using a lip brush to highlight your cheeks but it is always tricky to find a small enough brush to apply the inner corner highlight but I found that using a dense lip brush applies it so easily! This one is from SoEco Brushes and I have been using it for my inner corner highlight for a few months now!

Use a Face Cleanser to Clean your Brushes


Buying a brush cleaner can be quite pricey so when I found these silicone face cleansing pads in Primark, I knew I could use them to clean my brushes. They are perfect for small brushes but do work with big ones. I use a makeup remover to clean my brushes with this and they don’t get ruined and dry perfectly!

Use eyeshadow to touch up roots


This is super helpful if you need to add a bit of colour to the top of your head. Just use a flat brush and you’re sorted! It is such an easy hack and you don’t have to fork out on products to help touch up your roots.

Using a foundation brush for Primer


I’m a little bit lazy so when I saw I could use a flat foundation brush as a primer brush, I took the chance! It is so much easier to use this brush rather than my hands and it was only £2. The small end I use to apply a base to my lid. Double whammy right there.

Use a makeup bag to store your lipsticks


More of a tip but I don’t have much room to store my lipsticks and not a lot of money to buy acrylic storage so I found a small makeup can hold a lot. I keep this in my bottom drawer and all of my lipsticks, glosses and anything for the lips are kept in here to keep everything together.

Other tips & hacks

To warm up your eyelash curlers to get the best results, use a hairdryer. It’s quick and easy!


Masking tape is perfect to help you get that perfect wing or to help keep your eyeshadow within the lines. Easy to use and quick to remove!

Use coconut oil to take your makeup off. It’s a natural alternative to cleansers and other makeup removers.

Do you have any other tips & hacks you use?

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