IN-DEPTH: Bebeto & Dexter’s

Welcome to another In-Depth review! Today we are looking at Bebeto! Bebeto kindly sent me over a package of their sweets for a review and I thought as Christmas is coming up and if you’re broke like me, you need to spend wisely then Bebeto would be the perfect way to get someone a little present at a good price!

Last year Bebeto acquired Dexter’s which is the Jelly Bean factory brand so that is why Jelly Bean Factory is included in this post! Thank you to Bebeto and the PR team for sending these over to me! Also, I love anything chewy so I was pumped to get these!

Strawberry & Blue Raspberry Spaghetti


I love love love strawberry laces so when I saw these in the box, a smile grew on my face. Not for long as it turned a bit sour. Literally. The strawberry ones are really sour and I don’t mean like a tingle. They were still good though! I really liked the Blue Raspberry ones, they were as sour and they tasted really great! For 50p, you can’t go wrong and you get quite a bit in the bags.

Jelly Bean Factory Berry Burst


These were really good! A nice mix of different flavours, my favourite being the cherry one. These were really tasty, I don’t know how much they are but I think under £3 at least and you get a fair amount for the price! If you like fruity sweets get these!

Assorted Fruit Twists


These are like strawberry pencils and they are so good! They do taste like sugar which isn’t the best thing but I really liked these and for £1, an amazing stocking filler! There are a variety of flavours in the pack and something for everyone. I would recommend sharing these with other people though, they are very sweet!

Watermelon Jelly Mix


These were my favourite of all of the sweets. I love watermelon flavoured anything and these were amazing. There was a strong watermelon flavour and there’s a fair amount in the pack for only 50p. That means I need to find where they sell these and buy a few packs! 

Overall, I really liked all of these sweets. The packaging is really cute and for the prices, it is really good if you’re planning a small party or movie night and you need a few snacks. I worked out how much all of it would cost me and its around £5!

Again, thank you to Bebeto & Dexter’s and Rosie for sending me these over! 

What is your favourite kind of sweet?

Talk Soon,


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