October Unibox Unboxing

Today’s post is all about the October Unibox and what I received in the box. The theme this month was Halloween & Pumpkins and I was so ready for this month’s box to arrive so I could get my hands on the pumpkin mug teased last month! So, let’s get into the unboxing! If you don’t know by now, I am an Ambassador for the Unibox and you can get £5 off your first box with my referral link!


This month’s Unibox was smaller than September but I think because the mug is retailed at over £10, this made up for it. I love the colours of this Unibox, they are so Autumnal!

Sloane’s Pumpkin Spice Posh Hot Chocolate


I love trying new things and when I saw this, I thought it was so perfect! I have never tried anything pumpkin spiced so I was very excited to try this! It is very rich and so creamy! It is also Vegan! I was taken aback as it tastes like a coffee shop hot chocolate when made with hot milk! I am going to be drinking this all month!

Anatomicals Chocolate Face Mask


I was so happy to see another Anatomicals product included in this month’s box as I love their hangover cream from last month’s box. I am a bit hesitant to try it knowing my skin didn’t take well to the last one but it is a different one so hopefully it won’t be bad! I can’t wait to try this though. I just am waiting for the perfect day!

VITL Vitamin D Capsules


Now the days are getting colder and the sun is hiding in the clouds, we don’t get much Vitamin D and when I saw this in the box, I was really pumped to try these. I have seen VITL before in Ads but have never wanted to purchase the packs. I love taking my vitamins and have been taking these for nearly a week now and although I don’t know if there’s a change in the function of my immune system, I am hoping it is working! Also, these are Vegan so, who can complain about taking their vitamins now?

Pumpkin Mug


This is the cutest mug I have seen for a long time and the fact it is shaped like a pumpkin makes it even better! It holds my coffee so it’s a good mug! I love the white accents on this and it isn’t orange so I’m one happy person!

Spooky Pen


Yes, you read that right. A Spooky Pen. It was written like that and although I don’t have a name for the actual pen, he looks a little like Jack Skellington so he’s called Jack! I thought this was a biro and I use them rarely so when I saw it was a fine-liner, the stationary addict in me was super happy. Fine-liners are my favourite pen and it works really nicely as well as the tip is really really fine, smaller than a 0.5.

MOMA Almond Butter and Salted Caramel Porridge


Anything with salted caramel in, I am gonna love it and I must say it was really tasty! I love that it is dairy and gluten free AND vegan! A complete package. I love breakfast so if I can find a healthier way of eating my favourite foods, I am all for it!


The last thing in the box was the monthly quote, another little quote and the monthly booklet from The Unibox. I love the quotes they send and this month, the card was orangey-red and I am all about those colours right now. I love the little card which I already have so Jack has this one and the magazine gives you information on all that is included in the box and some movie recommendations cause it was October aka Halloween movie marathon anyone?

Let me know in comments which Halloween movie (not just the franchise) is your favourite?

Talk Soon,


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