Last Thing on My Phone Tag

I wanted to post on the 1st November so I know it’s late but I’ve been having a bit of a bad time. One thing that helps me when I feel like is writing so I thought I would post this anyway! I found this “challenge” or tag on a Snapchat story where celebrities showed the last thing on their phone. I decided to do a little research, gather some questions and do it myself! Also, some of these are not the last thing on my phone, I thought I would add them in for fun!

Also Happy November! Aka it’s now acceptable to listen to Christmas songs and watch Christmas movies. Bring on Elf!

What was the last photo you took?


A Lil casual selfie.

Last Text You Got?


Cute text from Jack as I think he was at work.

Last Note you Took?


So I keep a notes page with all the TV Series I have watched and ones I am watching currently. I also have just realised looking at that screenshot, I’ve written Twin Peaks in twice…

Last Photo with A Snapchat Filter?


It doesn’t work with my glasses but I love this filter so much for some reason?

The Last App you Downloaded?


The ads got the better of me and I downloaded it because I need to start budgeting properly and this is actually really helpful.

Last Food Order?


I actually didn’t order this but it was ordered from my phone by Jack as a surprise and it was so so good. 

Recent Emojis Used?


A lot of mixed emotions here. a lot.

Last Alarm Set?


I had Uni the next day. I couldn’t miss any of my alarms really.

Last Song You Listened To?


From my October playlist and from Cars even though I don’t recognise it from that. Really like this song.

Your Home Screen


It’s of LA! I think it is anyway! I haven’t been but it’s my dream to go! Thought I would add this one in as a little bonus!

So that is the Last Thing on My Phone Challenge! I tag:





Anyone who wants to do it!

Talk Soon,


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