October Favourites

It’s that time again! Another month is over and It’s getting nearer to Christmas! I’m back posting after a break and you may have noticed a change in my posting. If you haven’t seen already, I now will be posting twice a week and on Tuesday’s and Thursdays. This is because of the time I have for each part of my life. I have to make sure I do Uni work, go to work and be able to post on here so that’s the plan for a while. I think I also was tiring myself out with doing three posts a week. This way you still get to my content and I can be sane at the same time! 

So here are my October Favourites!

Battlefield 1


I rarely played Battlefield until this month and until I found out I was quite good as a Scout. I really like the game and the fact I play against people online makes me feel so much better than I’m not good as an Assault as I’m very “point, shoot” without thinking in a game like this but I love taking the time with being a scout and making sure I get those points. I recommend this to anyone who loves COD and wants something new to play. Please only play this if you’re over the age of 18.

Revolution Skincare 5% Caffeine + Hyaluronic Acid Serum


I have big bags under my eyes (shock, I get no sleep) and I have been looking for something to make them look less tired and this is it. For only £6, it works really well. My undereye bags look better than ever. I don’t know what’s in this but it is so good! The dropper doesn’t get clogged which I have had in products like this before so I’m also very happy with that.

Chupa Chups Cherry Candle


I love candles as you may all know and when I saw this Chery Chupa Chups one for £1 in Tesco, I had to buy it. Cherry is one of my favourite scents and this lives up to its name. I have this lit nearly every day to give a cherry smell to my room. I also can use the holder after the candle is used so 2-in-1!

Impulse Body Spray


I probably have a favourite body spray each month by now but I love the fruity and smokey scent to this. It kind of smells like aftershave but a fruity one. I got this from Superdrug when it was on offer for like £2 and I recommend any of the impulse ones as they’re so good and they smell amazing. The smell reminds me of going on holiday in the summer for some reason and It keeps that idea alive as it gets colder!

Anatomicals Replenishing Hangover Cream


I talked about this in my Unibox Unboxing (this month’s unboxing coming soon!) and I have still been using it. It gives my skin some extra glow and moisture and it honestly it so helpful. I either have dry patches or I get really oily and this helps with both. I don’t know how but it does help! It is also really cheap!

So there’s a thing I do in my Bullet Journal each month and it’s like a favourites thing but isn’t. I thought I would share it with you this month and see if you guys like knowing about it?

Watching – Victorious

Listening – Big Bank – YG

Planning – What Masters Degree to do

Going – To work

Wanting – More notebooks

Enjoying – A Break

Loving – Battlefield 1

Starting – Uni Work

Looking Forward To – Christmas

Missing – Halloween

October Playlist

What are you loving this October?

Talk Soon,


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