Jingle Mingle 2018

Happy Friday everyone! I am so glad it is the weekend but the grind doesn’t stop! Today I thought I would show you guys what I got up to as the Prezzybox Jingle Mingle event on Wednesday! Prezzybox is an online gift retailer which sells things from notebooks to gin & tonic candles. They are based in the Midlands and I was so excited to be invited back this year to the event which took place in Birmingham at the White Owl. 

P.s. I know the photos are not up to my normal standard, I didn’t take my camera.


The venue was so cute and although I was nervous, I was surprisingly okay! When I got to the venue, I got an itinerary for the night and a glass of prosecco, you know to wet the nerves that were boiling up. I also met some really cool people at this time as I was alone so I knew nothing and no one. 


The venue gave me such vintage vibes and I really liked this wall for some reason. You can also see Zak, the founder of Prezzybox about to talk. Zak told us the story of how Prezzybox came about and as he called it “a little motivational speech”. I really liked knowing that Zak, his brother and his father started it back before I was born and how much work they put into this site. 


I really loved the whole vibe of the night. I met so many other bloggers and connected with them. I also met Jade, if anyone knows who I am talking about, you will know I love her to bits! Outside, they had snack tables and I have never been happy to see Indian food in my life. Having barely eaten before I went to the event, food was a saviour.


During the night, I made a bath melt with Wild-Olive, a family run company which makes handmade soap, bath melts and other things. It was really cool to find out the bath melts were vegan and the ingredients are easy to find. I need to make my own at home! Next, we did a flatlay workshop (yes, I am re-evaluating all of my flatlays) and I learned a few tips but to apply them, I really should get a normal lens. It was so fascinating to see the camera pointing down and not upright or to the side. 

Before I left, Eltoria did a speech. I didn’t know of Eltoria before this event but knowing that she unboxes advent calendars on YouTube means I am now subscribed! I loved hearing how she went to Uni and did a Law degree and now she does YouTube, it did strike a chord with me as I’m in that stage where I want to do my degree but blogging and YouTube are my main passion. There will be a vlog up this weekend from this so keep an eye out for that!

I didn’t get photos but they also gave us a goody bag and I have been bugging Jack to get me a Popsocket for a few weeks now and when I looked in the bag, a Popsocket was waiting for me! I was so excited! They also included a selfie stick, coincidence that mine went missing a few weeks ago right? Wild-Olive also included a Clementine & Prosecco shower smoothie so I can’t wait to smell like prosecco for the next few weeks. The last thing was a pair of cute earrings! Thank you Prezzybox! I love them!


Thank you to Prezzybox for having me at the event this year. I loved it and I can’t wait till next year! If you do wanna check out their website I have linked it above. Get your presents for Christmas early! You can save 20% by using the code XMASJULY18.

Again a big thank you to Prezzybox for having me!

Talk Soon,


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