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If your week doesn’t include Netflix, I honestly don’t know how you do it. I love Netflix and with that comes all the films and shows they offer. I love my good old TVD and Gossip Girl but today’s post is all about what I’ve been watching recently and the things I think everyone needs to watch. Welcome to the Netflix Edit!


Evil Genius


Source - Netlix
Source: Netflix

This series has so many twists and turns and it is mindblowing. I never knew it was so deep but I still have unanswered questions about the whole story. If you love mystery and you need something to binge, this should be at the top of your list. I want another series so Netflix pls do another part to it.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

Source - Netflix
Source: Netflix

I’ll be surprised if anyone hasn’t watched this yet! When this came out, I didn’t get the hype for like a week or two but when I did watch it, I understood. Noah Centineo is just adorable. I love Lana Condor as well. They did such a good job of portraying these characters and although I haven’t read the book, I have only seen good reviews of this film.


Source - Cinema Paradiso
Source: Cinema Paradiso

I only began watching this because of Tom Rosenthal but actually really the show. I cannot get over how funny Grumio is. If you like Friday Night Dinner then you will love this! It is set in Rome and the boy all live together. The episodes are really short and I binge watched in like 3 days so it draws you in. Not a bad thing!

Black Mirror

SOurce - Mashable
Source: Mashable

Before watching Black Mirror, I had heard so many mixed reviews so I decided to just watch and see for myself. I binged the first two seasons in a day. I guess I liked it? I really like the whole future element that Charlie Brooker has brought to the series. I also like that each episode is a different person and storyline. These kinds of shows mean you don’t have to watch in chronological order and I really enjoy that part of this series.


Source - 50-50 The Movie
Source: 50/50 The Movie

This film came out in 2011 but I have only just watched it. I really enjoyed the storyline and although it was sad in some parts, my overall feeling of the film was happiness. I really liked the dynamic of each character and how they acted towards Joseph G-L. It is a film about cancer but it doesn’t have too many sad parts and I think that’s why I like this film. 


Source -NEw on Netflix
Source: New on Netflix

You probably have seen me post about this on my Insta stories but I was so happy when I watched this series. I love both Emma Stone and Jonah Hill and this series was a rollercoaster of emotions. I love that both stories collide and each episode depicts different parts of the pills they have taken. I think this is a good series and definitely binge-worthy.

Stanford Prison Experiment

Source - Hype My
Source: Hype My

This film is based on the experiment that took place in the 1970’s which lasted 6 days. I think this film is a little hard to watch but at the same time, it is interesting to see what happened during the experiment. Although it is only based on true events, I can only imagine what happened in the real experiment. Ezra Miller in this is truly incredible and his performance is so heartbreaking at points.


Source- Spoiler TV
Source: Spoiler TV

Dynasty just started airing its second season and I am already hooked. Family drama is a must in this show and I love the performances all of the actors give. I like that when you think everything might be okay, there’s like 5 bombshells at once and it all kicks off again. I didn’t watch the original but I really like the reboot. Also, Elizabeth Gillies is back on our screens who I haven’t seen since Victorious.

Friday Night Dinner

Source - Next Episode

Last but not least is Friday Night Dinner. It has become a much-loved TV show over the last couple of months and the memes have been rolling down my Facebook timeline. Can you tell I like Tom Rosenthal? This show is honestly one of my favourites recently and I have binged all of it. Netflix only has 2 of the 5 seasons but they’re the first two seasons with no ads so take advantage of that while you can!

What are your Netflix picks? Let me know down below!

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    1. Oh my! That’s not good! It’s such an interesting film and how the characters are towards each other is so weird but also is interesting to see how when given power people can abuse it quickly 😓cxx


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