Blog Photos 101

There isn’t one way to take photos for blog posts but I know people find it hard to comprehend when trying to do it. I thought today’s post would be about how to take photos for your blog and how to do flatlays kind of post. 

Below is a comparison from when I started my blog on WordPress to compared to a few weeks ago. The differences are so recognisable. 



When taking photos for your blog, natural light is best, I use my windowsill as my desk to too far and too crowded to take flatlays. I find a white surface works best for these types of photos. As you can tell from the first photo, the editing isn’t the best. Photos need to be bright and clear so you can see what is going on. I would recommend Lightroom or Polarr which is a free editing app.

The placing of objects in a photo for your blog is important. In the first photo, it looks like the plant is part of the post and not a “blog prop”. Compared to the second one which has the lipsticks forward and the props are in the background. This is to make the photo more exciting but to also give some depth and colour.


If you taking a photo of something small like the lipstick above, you need to make sure the focus is on that and it’s the centre of attention in the photo. Within the photo, there are still other things but the background is blurry. You can do this easily on a DSLR but if you use a phone to take blog photos, make sure to blur the background out. This can be done as you are taking the photo or by editing.

That brings me to my next point. It really doesn’t matter how you take photos just as long as you are happy with the quality and look of them. You can take them on a phone or DSLR. I use a Nikon D3300 and because I sold my 18-55mm lens, I now am using a Sigma 70-300mm lens which is a telescopic lens. If you saw how far away I am when I take photos, you would think I’m mad.

If you do want to get a DSLR for your blog photos, have a look on Depop and CEX as they sell a range of them and make sure they work! If not, I bought my old Canon from Curry’s for under £600 (if you have that kind of money). Below is a comparison of an iPhone 6s V DSLR photo.


It really doesn’t matter how you take photos like I said as long as you’re happy with them. Below are my top tips for getting the best photos for your blog posts!

Use blog props, these will help add depth to your photo and make it more interesting to look at. Use them wisely and make sure that you don’t use a toothbrush as a prop when you’re photographing an eyeshadow palette. Use neutral props or things that relate to the product you’re taking a photo of.


Editing your photos will help make them more eye-catching. Edit to a style you like e.g. I bring the brightness of mine high as I like the look of it and I like to convey this pristine white feeling to my audience.


Try to take your photos near natural light/shoot during the day. It is so nice when you have the sun or the natural light in your photos and it makes the photo quality so much better!


Take photos from different angles. I do this and keep everyone I take and they may come out different as to how you seem them on the viewfinder. Taking them from different angles means you have a lot of photos to work with to get the best ones.


Don’t overcrowd your photos. Make sure the things in your photos are in focus and that is what you want your audience to focus on. If you have a lot going on in the photo, the overall photo may not come across well.

Is there any tips you have? Let me know down below!

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