Student Survival Kit

It’s that time of year when we all run out of money and we’re trying to survive on bread, beans and squash. I’ve compiled a little survival kit to help you through Uni. Some of these products were sent to me for the purposes of a review. No products in this post are sponsored.



This is surely obvious but I cannot live without my earphones especially when in Uni. I hate when I have to go to Uni as it gets so busy but with music, I can bear it. Also if you need to, you can use these to drown out your house/flatmates!

Face Masks

We all love a good skincare night and face masks are a must! Amphora Aromatics sent me some goodies over and these two were included. I love face masks but I am not a big fan of non-peel off ones so I was a little hesitant to try these. They worked really well and the smell of them was so good. The Juicy Burst mask I could smell for days. They made my skin really clean and soft! I love the colour and scent of the Dead Sea Cooler as well!

Recipe Book


Look, you can’t just keep having ready meals every day okay? You need some fresh food in you! A recipe book is so helpful whether you can cook or not. If it is a student recipe book then it’s even better. They will help you to be healthy all the while still sticking to a budget!



Now I’m not saying burn your flat or house down but just be sensible with candles and fire as a whole. They can help calm you and keep the stress away. Tea lights are small so they should be less of a fire risk. Just don’t leave them unattended and don’t go out without blowing them out.



In the colder months, I tend to use a lot more moisturiser because of the damage the cold can do my skin. This Anatomicals one came in the September Unibox and I have been using it every day. It is so hydrating and makes my skin really soft!

Shampoo Bar


Amphora Aromatics also sent me over a shampoo bar. I really like this as it smells so nice and works so well! If you are short on money and someone keeps stealing your shampoo, this is a good way to cut back. You can keep this in your room disguised as a bar of soap and when people ask to borrow shampoo, you just don’t have any! No one will suspect a thing!

Face Wipes


I’ve fallen into the sleep with my makeup on trap so many times because I can’t be bothered to use my micellar water to take my makeup off. I keep a pack of face wipes in my draw and they are so useful when you’re tired and cannot be bothered to properly take off makeup/clean your face. These are so cheap and are essential if you don’t have too much money which as a student, I’m guessing you don’t?

Body Lotion


Last but not least is body lotion. I don’t like having dry/cracked skin so body lotion is a saviour. This is the last thing that Amphora Aromatics sent me and I love it! I love the peppermint and tea tree scent and it works wonders with dry skin. I use this on my legs after shaving and any dry patches I have!

Thank you to Amphora Aromatics for sending over some of their skin care for me to try! Their products are quite cheap so check them out!

So there is the little survival kit! Is there anything else you would add?

Talk Soon,


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8 thoughts on “Student Survival Kit

  1. Lovely post!! I cannot live without my earphones as well and my cosy pamper nights always include face masks, scented candles and body lotion!! My mum actually wrote for my a book of easy recipes when I moved out, I thought that was very sweet of her!

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  2. I might have to disagree with you on the recipe book… everything is online these days! I also think having some personal bits from home and good stationary are important x

    Rachel ||

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