September Unibox Unboxing

If you haven’t seen yet, I am now an Ambassador for The Unibox! I thought it would be a good idea to unbox each month on my blog and show you guys what you get and give a little review of the boxes. At the bottom of this post is my referral link where you can get £5 off your first box!

DISCLAIMER: I am not being sponsored for this post. I hate that I have to disclose that but I am always honest with you guys.


So I must admit I really like the box, its simple and bold. I wish I knew about this when I started Uni as I would have loved it! Now that I’m in my third year, ti still applies to me and I really like the variety of things that are included in the box. This month’s box was on the theme of You Got This. I really like this theme as it helped me get motivated for my 9am lectures.

The first things in the box were these cards which I now have up on my wall. I really like that they included these as I am a big sucker for motivational quotes and I love that they’re on card and they’re really simple. They go really well with my desk and I feel these could motivate and help people who are already deep in Uni work.


I hate hangovers as much as the next student so when I saw this, I was so intrigued! If anything can help my face after a night of drinking, I was praying it was this. I have been using it since it arrived and it’s made my skin really soft and moisturised. I have never heard of Anatomicals before but looking at their products, they seem really good. Speaking of Anatomicals, Unibox also sent over a face mask from them.


If you have watched any of my Insta stories, you will have seen a lot of face masks on there so I was so excited when I saw this. Plus its cucumber which I love the smell of! Unfortunately, my skin didn’t react well with the stuff in the mask and it caused my face to be really itchy. It doesn’t mean it won’t work for you though, I have irritable skin sometimes. It has a strong smell of lettuce though, it’s not bad but its pungent. 


I was so happy to see they included coffee in this box. I love coffee and I love finding new ones. I was taken aback when I saw this was Vitamin Coffee as I have never tried it but do take vitamins and sometimes they don’t smell too great. You can use this in an espresso machine or cafetiere. I use mine in an espresso machine and it tasted really good. There wasn’t a really strong coffee smell but it tasted like coffee so I can’t complain! It also is enriched with vitamins to help strengthen your immune system! 

The next two things in the box were food. You all know I love food. I also love BBQ and Salted caramel so when I saw both of these things, I was in awe. The BBQ mountain chips were okay, they just tasted like crisps but they do have added protein. The brownie is vegan so I was excited to try it just to see what the consistency was like. It melted in my mouth. It tasted so good and definitely check out Sweet Deceits as they have some amazing flavours!


One of the last things in the box were these Rescue Remedy Plus vitamin lozenges. I have tried Rescue Remedy before when I did my GCSE’s but now that my dissertation is looming around me, I know I am gonna need more of these! 


The last few things in the box were the Tub Zine for this month, a really smooth notebook and a goal planner made by the Unibox themselves (i think). I really like the goal planner and I have started to use it this month so I am ready to get my goals done and set bigger ones!

If you guys liked this post, let me know and I will share the October box with you!

If you do want to get your hands on the October Box which the theme is ‘Halloween and Pumpkins’ then click the link and get your order in! The deadline for October boxes is the 16th so sign up before they go! With my referral link, you get £5 off your first box! 

Talk Soon,


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