The Lip Edit

Who doesn’t love a good lipstick? I certainly do so I thought I would finally jump on the bandwagon of doing these edit things and the first one is The Lip Edit! I hope you enjoy it! Tell me which one you would like to see next in the comments!


I did something similar back in January but I didn’t really like the post so here is the revamped version of it! 

MAC Retro Liquid Lipcolour – Burnt Spice


I’ve talked about this lipstick on a few posts now but I just love it so much. I never tried MAC before this so I am eager to go and get more of these. It is a perfect nude for any occasion and stays on for a while. I love the applicator as it only takes one or two swipes to cover my lips. For the price (£17.50), I think this is a good investment. Jack got me this nearly a year ago and I still have it! I recently have been wearing it every day because it’s that versatile but so creamy and doesn’t dry out your lips!

PS Pro Liquid Matte Lipstick – Pink in Excess


I got this on sale at Primark for £1 and I’m pretty chuffed by it. It is a nude purple colour and it smells like Palma Violets (not the band). It dries down really quickly and feels like nothing on your lips. The shape of the applicator means I can cover my lips quickly and get the corners as well. It states on the packaging its kiss proof so I tried it out and it is. No transfer or anything! 

Revolution Nudes Collection Matte Lip Gloss – Stripped


When I bought this, I didn’t realise you could have a matte gloss? I don’t think that works? But I don’t make makeup so I’ll step back from this one! I really like this as there is literally no transfer and trying to take it off is like trying to get sharpie off something. It means it is long-lasting though! For £3/4, this is probably my favourite drugstore nude matte.

Rimmel Stay Matte – Be My Baby


I love a good terracotta colour so when I was sent this in a VoxBox from Influenster, I was super happy. I really like the creaminess of the formula and it glides on so easily! The only downside to this is that you have to apply around 2 coats as it is a bit patchy in places but I don’t know if that’s just my lips? I do really like the colour and goes well with some popping eye looks!

Jeffree Star Cosmetics – Weirdo


I couldn’t do a Lip Edit without my favourite black lipstick! I bought this from BeautyBay nearly two years ago and it still works and the pigment is still there. Not saying you should keep your lipstick after two years though… I really like the applicator as well as it isn’t a sponge as such. I don’t know what it is but it makes applying the lipstick so easy. It is £16 but I still have half a tube left even after two years!

Revolution Iconic Pro Lipstick – Propganda


I got this lipstick free in a goodie bag from Revolution and I have fallen in love with the deep red colour. I have a brighter red but this makes me feel like a boss! I love how cheap it is and the formula is so nice on my lips. It dries down really well onto the lips and it doesn’t look and feel greasy at all.

So there is my lip edit! If you want another one like this, drop me a comment below on what you would like to see!

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