Keeping Your Work Space Tidy

I love to be tidy and I feel it helps you be more productive. I sit at my desk most of the time so I like to have everything I may need around me. I thought as most people are going to back to University around this time, I would show you my desk space and how I keep it tidy so I can work productively.


So as you can see I keep my laptop and monitor quite close as I use the extend feature so I can have two screens on at once. The only reason I have an extra monitor is cause I do a lot of things at one and with only one screen, I feel it gets too crowded. I can write blog posts and choose music at the same time with each taking up a screen. At this moment, my email is open on my laptop and using my monitor to write this post. Having a bigger screen helps when editing but I’m not saying you have to get another monitor to be productive, I just find it easier to work with.


In front of my monitor, I keep my speaker, phone charger, blog planner and bullet journal. This helps me as I can keep my to-do lists close to me and with my monthly spreads for my bujo, I can easily access them. My desk isn’t the biggest but even with these out, I can still work comfortably. If you have a planner or a weekly book you use to write down assignments or things to do, I advise keeping it close to you on your desk so you can use it easily.


Over the other side of my desk, I have a few things going on. I have my stationary holders, calendar, water bottle, lamp and a few other little things.  I have quotes above my stationary here to help give me motivation when I’m up early working or getting ready for Uni.


I keep my pens in a small mason jar and I keep my felt tips, pencils, washi tape and other stationery in a little bucket. This way when I need to use them, I can find colours easily and they make my desk more appealing. I also keep my ruler and stencil with this bit to make it simple for me.


I keep my highlighters in a little creme caramel dish. I used to use an empty candle but that broke in the move and could only find this dish. I also keep a pin and nail glue in here so I know it is always near if I need it. I love stationary and the fact I can fit it on my desk makes me so happy as I love being creative if you couldn’t tell. I think having stationary on your desk makes it more appealing and spruces the desk up a bit. The wood that my desk is made out of is light and my stationary gives it that pop of colour.


This is technically just to the right of my desk but still helps me out. I put my earphones on a push pin so I can grab them when I need them and they won’t be tangled somewhere in my bag. I also keep my student ID around this bit for the same reason. I keep the plaque there to remind me every day to stay positive. Putting positive messages around you helps you stay happy and also helps motivate you to do great things.

Tips for Making the Most of your Desk Space

Use photos, quotes and posters to make the space above and around your desk more appealing and motivating.

Sort your stationary out into categories e.g. highlighters, pens, pencils, felt-tips and this will make it easier when searching for the things you need.

If you use an extra monitor or two, utilise the space on your desk and keep them close together. Use either the end or the middle of your desk to keep space clear for other things.

Use your battery on your phone too much? Keep the cable tidy and near your workspace, so you can charge when you need. I threat mine in front of my monitor so it’s close when I need it.

If you have draws with your desk, organise them into categories. The top one of mine is for important stuff like headphone adaptors, snacks, notebooks and my tablet.

If your desk doesn’t look appealing, try adding some colour. Use coloured pots, photos or a calendar and add to how you like it.

Keep a drink nearby. I always have water on my desk as you never know when you could get thirsty.  Also make sure you have a coaster as you may spill it or if its really cold, the condensation will wet the desk.

I hope these tips help you and if you use any, I would love to see! If you want to know where I got certain products, comment and I will let you know!

What is your desk like?

Talk Soon,


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6 thoughts on “Keeping Your Work Space Tidy

  1. I love organisation so this post is definitely right up my street! Your desk is so neat and tidy… I bet it doesn’t look like this after a day of studying?! I never thought about using two monitors – I know some people use it for gaming but I have never done so. xx

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