September Favourites

How has September gone so quickly? I was just celebrating Jack’s birthday last week and now it’s the last day of September? This year is going too quick! I’m excited for October and Halloween though! Before all that, here are my September favourites.

MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour – Burnt Spice


I think I have talked about this before on my blog but recently I’ve been wearing it nearly every day. It is such a great nude and works with every eye look. It is a bit pricey as it’s MAC but the formula is really good and feels like nothing is on your lips. If you’re looking for a really good nude, this is one of the best I have found so far.

Tiger Washi Tape


As I’ve started to get more into the design of my bullet journal, I have wanted washi tape from the start and luckily I found some in tiger! They were 2 for £1 so I couldn’t just get 2! I hope they bring in more design and maybe just colour based ones as I would love them in my journal!

Makeup Revolution Eyebrow Definer


I have normally big bushy brows but after giving them a good plucking, I decided to pick up a cheap brow pen to fill them in and give them a little more shape. I picked this one up from Makeup Revolution as I love the brand and its done a really good job of defining my brows and even comes with a spoolie which I have been needing a new one for a while.

Primark Eyeshadow Covers


I’ve been starting to do my eyes first when doing my makeup as I can use these and not ruin any of my other makeup. They really catch all the fallout and they make the lines where my eye makeup end looks so straight. I think these are only a pound and they include two sizes in the pack.

Tiger Calendar


I have been looking for a calendar since I set up my desk and I found this one in Tiger and it had the end of 2018 with it as well which I really needed. Although there isn’t a lot of space to write, its perfect. I write any appointments in my bullet journal anyway but I like that I can still see what I have on the days. Tiger is really cheap with their things and they don’t break easily so definitely check them out.

Makeup Revolution Reloaded Newtrals 2 Palette


I think we all know by now, Makeup Revolution is one of my favourite makeup brands and I wanted to more colour in my makeup collection so picked this palette up mainly because of the pinks. The pigment in this is unreal and for only £4, I honestly don’t know where you can go wrong? They have a few of these £4 palettes out now and I have two of them and I love them. 

Primark Bag


I found this in Primark in August but didn’t put it in my August Favourites due to the fact that there were too many things from Primark already in that post plus I only had it for a few days when that post when live. The space in this is so good and I use this when I go to or to the shop as it is so big. I bought this for £12 and they have a few other colours and styles that are really pretty and simple if you are looking for that kind of thing.

September Playlist

This month’s playlist is a lot of just random songs I found that I am currently loving. My top 3 are Tie Me Down by Gryffin, Boyfriend by Confidence Man, Self Care by Mac Miller and Happy Now by Zedd.

What are your favourite things this month?

Talk Soon,


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