Swapping Out My Normal Routine

I rarely like change but when Holland & Barrett asked me to swap out my normal toothpaste for the dr.organic Charcoal toothpaste, I jumped at the chance to be part of the bandwagon of people brushing their teeth with charcoal.

This post is not sponsored by Holland & Barrett, I was gifted this product in return for a review.

Now as you may already know, I have braces so I am always up for something that may help my braces and keep my teeth the shade they were before getting them.


When I received the toothpaste, I immediately tried it out because what else does a blogger do when we get a product to try? The tube itself is presented really nicely with all the effects on the front which I like as I know what it will help with. When opening it, I was surprised it was like a black gel form and not pure black toothpaste. 


It is really and I mean R E A L L Y minty, it felt like I had extra strong mouthwash in my mouth. I like that it is so minty and makes my breath smell nice, but it is a painful few minutes especially if you don’t like pain aha. It isn’t too painful but the strong mint makes it feel painful.


I have used it for around 2 weeks now and I must say, my teeth feel better when I use this. I have quite sensitive teeth and with braces, it is sometimes hard to clean them and get everything out of them. I must say this is starting to do something to my teeth and I think it is whitening them. I still have a long way to go to see if it actually whitens them properly but I will be continuing to use this for a few months to see the difference. I would also post photos of my teeth but you would just see braces and I don’t think that’s nice on a Monday. 

Overall I think this is such a bargain at £2.25 and if it keeps working then I will be buying more of this. I’m all about keeping my teeth in pristine condition especially as I have braces but if you’re looking for a good charcoal toothpaste that helps with the whitening of your teeth then this is a good choice. It isn’t a big spend either which is the main pro to this product!


You can get the toothpaste on the Holland & Barret website and in store! Thank you to Holland & Barret for sending me toothpaste and letting me have the chance to try and review it!

Talk Soon,


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