IN-DEPTH: Prestige Hampers

Today’s post is all about Prestige Hampers! They kindly sent over their 6 Wines In Wood hamper to review. If you don’t know me, I rarely drink wine but I was so excited when I got this package! 


So to start off with, the package is a nice wooden box which can be used again for other things and to keep storing wine in. It is well made and I like the engraving on the box. It has a hand and two clasps so if you were travelling with it (for some reason), it is easy to carry and is secure so the wine won’t fall out.


As you open the box, it has 5 dividers in it to keep the bottles from hitting each other. I really like this design as it keeps the wine safe but you can organise how you would like. There are 6 bottles in this hamper which for the price (£94.99) is an alright price. It is a gift hamper which I do understand the price but after having a look at the individual prices for the wine, it comes to around £35+ as I couldn’t find the price of two of the wines.


I feel the price is a little too high for the wines that are included but I am not saying that this isn’t a good product. All of the wines looked really good in the case and they didn’t look cheap either.


In the box, you get 3 of both white and red wine. Each is different from the other and I think that is good as you get a good variety of different wines. I think the only two I didn’t want to try were the Sierra Creek ones as they were branded as just “red” and “white”. I like to know what kind of wine I’m drinking and I think this let me down a little.

I really like the packaging of all of them and I’m glad Prestige Hampers used branded wine and not just some random red and white one they made. If someone you know likes these branded wines, then this will be a great present for them.


Honestly, all of the wines lived up to their taste and they were really good and I think this hamper is really great for a wine lover. The delivery was quick as well so if you need a hamper quickly, choose one Prestige Hampers. They don’t just do wine but also food, cheese and sweets!

Final thoughts: If you have the money and want to splash out on this hamper, I recommend it. The wine in it is delicious and the box is so beautiful. It is a good hamper for those who enjoy a glass after work. I do think the price is a little high but I think overall, it is a good hamper to buy!

Thank you to Prestige Hampers for gifting me this and make sure to check them out for more hampers and to get your hands on this one; 6 Wines in Wood.

Thank you for reading the second post in my new section on my blog; IN-DEPTH! I really love giving reviews and if it helps you out, then it helps me out!

Talk Soon,


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3 thoughts on “IN-DEPTH: Prestige Hampers

  1. Hannah says:

    I feel like it would be cheaper to purchase all 6 wines separately as I cannot see how the price can justify the 6 bottles of wine but it is a nice idea, especially if you want to branch out and try new wines. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Katy Mackenzie says:

      Definitley, I googled all the prices and it didn’t add up at all. The only downside to this hamper. Yeah I would say if the price was a little cheaper then i would buy this for someone who loves wine and wants to try some new ones xx

      Liked by 1 person

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