IN-DEPTH: Soph X Revolution: Extra Spice

Welcome to In Depth! A new segment on my blog where I do in-depth reviews of things we all love but not just praising it. Looking at the good, bad and the ugly. In-Depth won’t just be about makeup and skincare but things I’ve continuously tried whether that be Primark false nails, stationary for my bullet journal or things that I get sent by brands!

Kicking off this series is the SophDoesNails X Revolution Extra Spice palette. 


I don’t normally buy merch or collabs that YouTubers have done with brands but when I saw SophDoesNails was bringing out her second palette with Revolution and I saw it, I knew I wanted it. Revolution Beauty is quite cheap with their palettes and collabs and this one, in particular, is £10. For that price, you get 18 shades and each shade is 0.03oz which is an alright amount of product.

I like that there are 18 shades as there is a mix between warm and cool tones. If you follow my Instagram, you will know I’m all about a brown and copper eye but with this palette, I had the chance to do that and do bright coloured looks as well.


If you look at the palette, it is split basically in half. One side is more colourful than the other. I like this as I can take this with me when travelling and be able to do more than 3 looks with it. Although it isn’t the biggest palette I have, it is still big enough to travel with and be able to pull off different looks no matter the occasion. I have had the palette for around 2 months now and I have done over 5 different eye looks. To be able to be so versatile with this palette shows that Soph and Revolution wanted to create such a flexible palette.


So this is the left half of the palette where the colours are much brighter and they feel more like summer than the other half. Above are the 9 swatches. There is 2 shimmers and 7 mattes on this side. They do swatch quite well and although with some of them I had to do two swipes, the pigment is there. I must say when I do a sunset eye, the red is hard to blend onto my eye at first but gets easier as you add more.


As red eyeshadow is hard to make, I definitely understand why this is a little harder to blend. There is a little fallout with the lighter colours but I now have to do my eyes before anything else because the red fallout makes my undereye look like I’ve been punched. I’m not saying this palette is perfect but it is quite close in my opinion.


As I said earlier, a copper eye was my go to but with this palette, I began to experiment and with that came my take on the sunset eye using Vitamin C, Sweet N Sour, Running Late and Twenty One. All of these shades are so pigmented and the eye look above is now one of my favourites to do!


Now onto the other half of the palette. This is more for Autumn/Winter in my opinion and I love this side of the palette as I’m a lover of darker shades. Again, they are pigmented and some need two swipes to be full pigment but I’m not mad at it. On this side, there is 4 shimmers and 5 mattes which I like.


Obviously, you can use any shade in each look but I feel this side is more where you want a gorgeous dark smokey eye. It pays off well. I don’t have a photo of my brown smokey eye but it looks so pretty with either the copper or the gold. The shades I use for a copper/gold smokey eye would be Brownie, Cookie Dough, Dreams/LA Sun and Reputation.


Final Thoughts

I think this palette is so good for its price. It was well thought out with the colour scheme and gives a lot of range when it comes to what looks can be created. With a big mirror and the size of the palette, it makes for a really good travel essential. The pigmentation of the shadows is good, some better than others. 

I really like how there are 6 shimmers and 12 mattes meaning a lot of looks can be created from this one palette. I think if you need a good palette that has nearly everything in it, this one is for you. For £10, this is definitely a bargain and it’s now a staple in my makeup collection.

Have you tried this palette yet? If so, what did you think of it?

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