An Update on My Bullet Journal

Finally, I can give you guys an update on my bullet Journal! I have been putting it off as I have been trying to find a weekly spread for a while now and finally settled on one which you will see later in the post! The last pages I showed you guys were back in March so I’ve taken most of the monthly stuff out as they are basically the same and here are the pages from then to now!

If they’re not my designs (I will say if not my design), I found them on Instagram on #bulletjournal so the credit for the design goes to them.

Weekly Blog Checklist


The next page after my last blog post was this weekly checklist of things I needed to do for my blog. I liked this as each Sunday I would do the list and see if I could do them all. I only did it till May but I think it really did help me. I try to do some of them still but mostly I have forgotten about it. 

2018 Memories Page 2


I love this page and although it is the second of its kind in my bujo, I find it so simple and yet so amazing. It lists my achievements through the months and although I hit more at the start of the month, there is at least 1 achievement per month which helps me to stay happy and motivated.

Double page spread – Blog Post Ideas


I love writing my post ideas down in my bujo and it’s now up to 6 pages but this is my double spread, one side is recipes that will be coming either at the end of this year or the start of 2019! I also colour them green when I’ve written them and I put the date there so I can see when I’ve posted each of my ideas.

Double page spread – Future Log


Honestly, I cannot remember I got this design and I think it was off Pinterest but for my future log and blogging goals which is the next two pages, I loved it. It shows the dates for each month, what day they’re on and I can put events and birthdays in the big boxes. I decided to spice it up a bit with my stencil and I put December in green and red because of Christmas!

Double page spread – Blogging Goals


Again like my future log, I used the same layout and instead of having the dates, I just have the names of the month. I like this cause I can track my progress for my blog and for my social media.

Blogmas Ideas and Banner Practise


It’s that time again where I need to plan Blogmas and this year I decided to make it a page in my Bujo and plan it from there. I haven’t got the core of my posts so that’s why you can see what’s already been planned. The posts there are the same as last year but obviously, they will be different! The messy page to the right is my banner practise page. I love to doodle and I love to do creative things so I thought I would have a banner page where I can practise drawing banners for future pages.

Double Page Spread – September Monthly Log


This month I decided to change up my monthly pages and decided I needed some new ways of tracking things so, after my September cover page which is the same, I found this design online for a double page spread of the month. It went a bit wrong but it’s all a learning curve, right?

Monthly Goals and Mood Tracker


I kept my monthly goals page as I love the layout and it keeps me organised but this month I thought I would input a mood tracker into my bujo. I do have a pixel chart which tracks my whole mood over the year but that’s my overall day and this is by numbers. I really like this already and I can track how I feel each day. I found the design on Instagram so check out the bujo hashtags!

Water Tracker and Sleep Log


I stuck with having both of these in my monthly pages but I changed up the way I recorded them. I do like this way but I wish there was more structure in a way? Like more lines or something. 

Habit Tracker and End of Monthly Page


I stuck with the same habit tracker, just made sure it fit the whole page. Over the other side is something I saw on Instagram and I really like the idea of it. At the end of the month, I will fill it in and basically write my favourites down of the month. 

Weekly Spread #1


I have wanted a weekly spread for around two months now but couldn’t find the right one for me until I found this on Instagram. I love the way it’s set out and gives me room to write a lot of things. I have been experimenting with this and I really like it.

Weekly Spread #2


I loved that weekly spread but I remembered when I had my little bujo, I tracked each day so I decided to incorporate that and the former weekly spread into one. I went off the below picture for reference and made this weekly spread which I love more than anything. It is so simple yet colourful and beautiful.


So there is my update for my Bujo! I will probably give a new update at the start of 2019 as I think it will stay the same for while! Do you have any of the same pages?

Talk Soon,


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7 thoughts on “An Update on My Bullet Journal

  1. Emily Pugh says:

    I’ve just started a bullet journal and I’m still trying to get my head around it all really! Yours looks amazing and you’ve definitely given me some ideas for what sort of pages to add in – I especially like the idea of a water tracker! ☺️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hannah says:

    I love how these pages are pretty but yet still practical as I feel like so many people prioritize looks over practicality. It sounds like you are starting to find your own style with your bullet journal. Keep it up! xx

    Liked by 1 person

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