A-Z of My Favourite Things

I saw this idea on Tralisty’s post where she shared blog post ideas and I fell in love with it! Today’s post is all about my favourite things and it goes from A-Z. I thought I would do this post just to let you guys get to know me a bit more. So here you go! 

A – Autumn

Although I love summer, autumn has most of my heart with spiced coffee and scarves, I love this season and its the best because it means Christmas isn’t too far away!

B – Bullet Journalling

I bet by my blog you can tell I love Bullet Journalling. I have been doing it for a few years now and am in deep with it. I love creating new pages and making memories in my bujo that I will keep for the rest of my life.

C – Coffee


Source: Tyler Nix

I don’t know about you but I have to have coffee most mornings. It just helps me wake up and get ready for the day. Also coffee with caramel flavouring is the best thing I have ever tasted whether it’s hot or cold.

D – Dancing

E – Eating

F – False Nails

G – Gin

Probably my favourite alcohol of all. I love cocktails but you cannot beat a G&T on a Friday night after being busy all day. My favourite gins would probably have to be Gordans Pink and Bombay Sapphire.

H – Highlighter

I – Instagram


Source: Sandrachile

My current favourite social media app. It creates memories and other people can see them, win-win! I love sharing my photos and Instagram is one of the best apps out there for it!

J- Jack

This is an obvious one, isn’t it?

K – Kanye

I honestly don’t think I have talked about Kanye on my blog before. I love his music and probably one of my favourite rappers alongside Childish Gambino and Kendrick Lamar. You can thank Jack for getting me into rap and hip-hop, he knows a lot of about it.

L – Lipstick

M – Music


One of my favourite makeup brands. Love their primer and eyeshadow palettes. Need to try their lip products and foundation!

O – Orphan Black

P- Primark

Q – Queso

This is cheating, isn’t it? I couldn’t find anything for Q and it means cheese in Spanish so let’s just pretend it works?? I love cheese like manchego, feta, mozzarella and edam, I love all the cheese. 

R – Revolution Makeup


I think MUR is my favourite makeup brand. Their products are so good and for the price, how could you go wrong? I am buzzing to try their new foundations out and get a colour palette from them. They also got me into colour as I normally just did a copper and brown lid EVERYTIME I put makeup on. It was a rough couple of years.

S – Sparking Water

I know people will kick off about this but it’s just so damn good. People say it has no taste but it really does. It is so refreshing and I definitely prefer it over still water.

T – Travelling

U – University

V – Vampire Diaries

Probably my favourite show I’ve watched. I love it so much and I started watching it when I was 12/13 I think and just recently re-watched the entire 8 seasons. It is such an amazing show and deals with a lot of real-life issues that people struggle with.

W – Wagamamas 

I love ramen and katsu curry. Japanese food, in general, is just so yummy. Jack and I love Wagamamas and wish we could eat there every day.

X – Xmas

Okay so I cheated a little on this one but I couldn’t find anything for X except for Xmas! I love Christmas and it’s one of my favourite holidays to celebrate. 

Y – Yo Sushi

I already said above I love Japanese food but Sushi is probably my favourite food of all time. I just love every part of it and Yo Sushi is delicious! I love that each bowl has a different price and they’re quite cheap not going to lie. The seaweed is on another level.

Z – Zzz

Sleep is probably one of my top favourite things. I don’t know people who don’t love to sleep. I sleep around 5/6 hours a night and although it’s not a lot, it’s still so amazing. 

What are your favourite things? If you do this post, tag me or send me the link as I’d love to see!

Talk Soon,


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