Blogging Goals

Most of us make goals or I hope most of you do. Making goals helps me stay on track of my blog and social media and it gives me something to celebrate when I get to them. I just celebrated reaching 10,000 views on Something Different and that is a major goal for me. I started on WordPress a year ago and have been blogging for years but haven’t felt so much love and support in the past year.

The end of the year is fast approaching and while I am writing my dissertation, I will also be focusing on getting some last minute goals done. 

So here are my goals for the rest of 2018! 


I love seeing people follow my blog because it means that my content is being enjoyed by someone! I wanna reach 600 by January 2019 and if it can be more of you then I am all for it. I love entertaining people and I thought YouTube was my thing but already, I have more blog followers than I do subscribers.


With Blogmas coming up, it means a blog post a day so I wanna try and reach more people and try and hit 15,000 views. It’s a bit away but I hope I can reach it.

Have a new and cool theme

I love the theme I have but I don’t like the margins and I can’t make them full page so I want to get a new theme. I like so many of the premium ones but as a broke student most of the time, it’s hard to fork out for something when I need the money for food.

Get to 1.5k on Instagram and 3k on Twitter

I’ve been stuck on 1.4k on Instagram for so long and I just want my content to be something everyone enjoys but I feel like no one enjoys it. The same goes for Twitter, I feel like no one likes my content. I saw someone say they spend extra time in the day to work on their blog and social media and I think that may be the problem.


Source: Jakob Owens

Publish 200 posts on WordPress

I hit 100 posts early this year but hopefully by January next year I can publish 200 and feel more accomplished. I know my writing style and photography has grown and I hope to show that in my posts and give you guys more content to enjoy.

Develop a photography style

I love flatlays and photography and I hope to develop my own style and edit my photos the way I love. I want to be able to be myself but also be confident with the content I put out.

Get 10,000 visitors

Now that I’ve reached 10k views, I want to reach more of the world from my little part of the internet. I want to give people something to read and to get away from life for a couple of minutes. If I help someone, then my job is done.

So there are my goals for the rest of the year, what are yours?

Talk Soon,


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