20 Backgrounds I Love and You Can Use

Happy Wednesday! 

Today I thought I’d show you 20 backgrounds I found that I really like and that you can use too! 10 can be used for your phone and 10 for your laptop! Obviously, you can use all of them for either device, some are suited for your phone better!

All of these backgrounds (bar one) came from Unsplash and their sources are underneath.


I hope you like these backgrounds and if you like this kind of post, let me know and I can do a series on like Woods, Typography and other categories and find really cool backgrounds for you guys to use!

I use two of the backgrounds in this post for my phone and my laptop. So enjoy the post and let me know if you use any of them!

iPhone Backgrounds:

Devin Avery

Source: Devin Avery

James HEaly

Source: James Healy

Jason Leung

Source: Jason Leung

Kupono Kuwamura

Source: Kupono Kuwamura

Marten Bjork

Source: Marten Bjork

Nathan Anderson

Source: Nathan Anderson

Ryan Riggins

Source: Ryan Riggins

The next few backgrounds are from Unsplash but I saved them and then went back to find them and couldn’t.

unamed 2


unamed 3


unamed 4

Laptop Backgrounds:

Alex Block

Source: Alex Block

Background, Me]

Source: Myself

Clark Tibbs

Source: Clark Tibbs

Diego Carneiro

Source: Diego Carneiro

Jack B

Source: Jack B

Jason Leung 2

Source: Jason Leung

Mandy von Stahl

Source: Mandy von Stahl

Patrick Tomasso

Source: Patrick Tomasso

Pineapple Supply Co.

Source: Pineapple Supply Co.

Matthew Kosloski

Source: Matthew Kosloski

So there we go! Whether you’re into Typography, sunsets, water or neon lights, there is something for everyone. 

I hope you liked today’s post!

Till Next Time,


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