A Guide To Freshers

It’s that time in the summer again where I relive the month before I joined Uni and was preparing for freshers. I must say, I was so excited and you should be too if you’re going to Uni this year. It is so fun and during freshers week, you probably will have some new and amazing experiences.

I have teamed up with BooHoo to give you guys a guide to Freshers! Their new Student Hub launches in September on their main website. Not only will the hub give you a lot of advice on how to survive Freshers, it will also give advice that can help job application and interview processes for your industry! 

Click the link and you will be taken to BooHoo’s Student Hub!

So as you approach the move-in day for your Uni, you may be thinking that Freshers is gonna be chill and you’ll be fine. Let me tell you now, it is chaos. I thought I would be having a few nights out here and there but if you are like me and get dragged out with no persuasion, you’re gonna need a lot of energy for your freshers week/s!

So here are 10 tips to help you get prepared for freshers:

1. Don’t buy the wristbands

I made the mistake of buying the wristband that my Uni was selling. £40 gone. Look if you have the money and you’re going to go to ALL of the events they offer with the wristband, go ahead but honestly, I went to about 5 and I regret spending so much money on something I really didn’t use. Once you find a few events you and your flatmates want to attend, it is so much cheaper than paying for the wristband. You should by now know all the events that are happening so put some ideas in a group chat with your future flatmates and plan!

2. Fancy Dress is a MUST

Clubs host fancy dress nights a lot during freshers. Whether it’s Neon Night or Zoo Party, you will need fancy dress for some of the nights out. Obviously, you don’t have to dress up but it’s more fun to take part in the craziness happening at the event. If you have a foam party at your Uni, wear something you don’t mind getting destroyed. I also advise you to take a bag so your phone and wallet don’t get wet. The cheapest fancy dress I have found is from Amazon so make sure you know what events you’re going to and find that cheap outfit, if you’ve got little money from buying essentials, DIY it!

3. UNIDAYS will save you a lot of money

If you’ve had an NUS card, you will know the sweet deals you get from that. UNIDAYS is like that but online or through the app. I have been using since I came to Uni and have saved so much money. Whether it’s a shopping trip, some new clothes or a meal out, UNIDAYS has you covered! There is also Student Beans which is the same but with different offers. When you get your Uni email address, sign up for them, they are a big help!

4. Not all events are necessary

If you don’t wanna go out every night like a normal person, your halls or Uni may host comedy nights or quiz nights. Going to every event isn’t the dream. Sometimes you need a break and if you need to, look what your Uni is hosting so you can give yourself a break and the same for your bank account. Some events are also really expensive if you go to certain clubs, try to find the cheapest club even if there isn’t an event on.

5. Buy a pack of cards

It may seem strange but no one had cards when I moved into my flat, at least I don’t think anyone did. We got them free with a box that had essentials in and I don’t know if that is for every Uni but if no one has cards on move-in day, pre-drinks is going to go very slow. Cards don’t just mean ring of fire. When you need to get drunk quick, paralytic is a good card game to dissolve the awkward stage when you move in! Also, you will need to know the basic rules of Ring of Fire otherwise you’re going to have to drink a lot. There are many versions of the rules but the basic ones should be fine.


Source: Gianni Zanato

6. Know the cheapest and best club

We all love a good, cheap and proper night out but if you’re spending more money for drinks that you paid for that bottle of vodka you bought for pres then you need to do some research. Most cities will have a club that has good offers. In Derby and Leicester, there is Mosh which contains 3 floors of different music, something for everyone and cheap drinks. A double spirit and mixer is only £2.50. Compare this to MooMoo’s which is like £5.50 for the same drink. There are some good clubs out there that offer a good night out with cheap drinks. 

7. Attend your Freshers fair

Not only is the Fresher’s fair a way for you to find and sign up for clubs and societies, you will get a lot of freebies. I have both attended and worked at the fair. Honestly, it is one of the best things you can experience. Although 2nd and 3rd years can go, it is mainly for Freshers. You could get free pizza, sweets, tote bags, tokens for trolleys. You will come home with a ton of stuff that may help you out e.g. highlighters and A LOT and I mean A LOT of pens!

8. Wear Protection

Okay, I have to say it. I can’t just leave it in the dust. Definitely wear protection, it is a must. You may even get free condoms from the Freshers Fair. If you are thinking of having some hookups, make sure you are all carrying protection, including the girls. You never know what could happen and in my experience (not an STD but they’re still bad), you don’t want the alternative, it’s not fun. Stock up on protection okay? It is the best interest of everyone.


Source: Charles Deluvio

9. Join a Club or Society

Not going to lie, I still haven’t joined any and I may be joining the dance society this year but I still regret not joining anything in the last two years. You have a lot of free time if you only have a few lectures a week like I did. When I wasn’t doing Uni work, I was messing about and watching Netflix. I didn’t write for my blog much at the time either therefore I don’t know what I did with my extra time. It will help keep you occupied and if you join a sports club, it will keep you active.

10. Save money for Freshers

Last but not least, the most important piece of advice I can give for Freshers. Save money for those two weeks or until you enrol. You won’t get student finance the weekend after you move in and in some places not till the end of the month. You will need to save and take some money with you to Uni so you don’t have the worst start to freshers. I remember having taken alcohol but not much money and that’s where I went a little wrong. Luckily I enrolled in time but it took time for my student finance to come through. I even suggest getting a Student Bank Account with an overdraft cause if you run out of money you can go into your overdraft for a couple of days in the worst case scenario.

So there you go! My guide to freshers! If you wanna check out BooHoo’s student hub, click here!

I wish you the best of luck starting University, I hope you stay safe and be responsible but mostly, I hope you have fun!

Talk Soon,


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8 thoughts on “A Guide To Freshers

  1. Hannah says:

    I was a Fresher 3 years ago now (wow how time has passed!) and I can say that I agree to each and every one of these points. It was definitely a hectic time and we often ended up changing plans for the night several times during the day but the best way to get to know people for sure. I would highly recommend joining a sports club – it is like having a Uni family. xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. mylittlelibellule says:

    I absolutly love this! I did my freshers last year and I plan to go again this year, although not everynight as it is so expensive!! I just wrote a post on tips for freshers week and love that we have a few similar ideas but also different 🙂 I’m glad i didn’t go with the wristband and will remmeber​ to remind my friends going to uni this year to not buy any! Hope you have an amazing start to this year and make sure you do join a society. I joined one and decided it wasn’t for me but the atomsphere​ was great so going to find a new one to join this year. Don’t be afraid to admit you don’t like something and try something else as it’ll be worth it if you meet your people 🙂

    My top tips for freshers if you fancy checking it out!

    Liked by 2 people

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