The Apps You Need In Your Phone

Happy Wednesday! 

Today I thought I would share with you the apps I can’t live without and that you need on your phone! They range from some social media to everyday apps I use to help me. You can find all of these apps on the Apple Store and I think the same for Andriod.

Disclaimer: This post has no sponsored content, these apps are just ones I really like and enjoy using



I can barely go without my music for a few hours and Spotify gives me a massive library to scour around in. I have used Spotify Premium for around 4 years now and I have created a Master Playlist where it spans from 2014 to now. Spotify’s music is such good quality and I can find whatever I want including the mood I am in. It helps me sleep with their Rain and Sleep playlists. It is truly my favourite app on my phone and one I use every day.


instagram app

We all love posting photos on Instagram but I have connected with so many people on the app. I have met MUA’s, Bloggers and Mental Health, advocates! I really love the app as I find new things I love each day. I love photos and being able to post the things I love and that inspire me is amazing.


twitter app

I have talked about Twitter for a while on my blog before and I still stand by it. It is one of my most used apps. I use it daily, more than Facebook now. It is so nice to connect with other Bloggers and feel like people who understand listen to me in a way. It is such a good way to connect with brands and just have a good time. Ever since I have been spending more time on Twitter, I have gained some really cool blogger friends and feel like I have support from people who understand what I do.



I found this app recently but I now use it every day to check my Instagram analytics and who unfollows me. A few weeks back I knew I was following too many people on Instagram, I did a Follow for Follow thing when I first joined back in 2014 and I knew it was time to get rid of most of them. I tried many apps but this one worked a treat. You can unfollow people in the app so you don’t have to look them up on Instagram. I unfollowed over 800 people in one night and it felt amazing. I finally had an app where I could check who unfollows me and when. Honestly, it is the best Instagram followers app I have found to date.


unsplash app

As a photographer and blogger, I love photos and I love finding new ones. On posts where I don’t need flatlays, I find the post not interesting enough. I normally use Unsplash to find photos to fit into posts. Unsplash is an app where you can use free photos that people have taken. I have an Instagram story highlight where I found some wallpapers people may like from the app. It has a wide range of photos and so many categories so you are bound to find something you need. I love this app and it is so nice to find photos when I don’t have to spare.


canva app

I have talked about Canva before on my blog but I still am in love with it. You can literally make anything from a Twitter header to a logo. I adore the versatility of the app and that you can create anything on it. It is so good and offers so much in the app that you can use to create what you need. I love my free apps and I don’t like paying for much so the fact this is free and you can create literally anything makes me so happy. You can pay for extra things but personally, I don’t think I need to.

Aloe Bud

aloe bud app

Aloe Bud is a lifestyle app where it sends you reminders to do certain things like drink water, breath, exercise and many more. I love this app because it helps me to remember to drink water and take time to have a break each day. I have been using it for about two weeks and already love how I am feeling now that I have a routine within the app. I reccomend this to anyone struggling with routines and those who want to be reminded to do things to help your lifestlye each day.

1 Second Everyday


I love watching the end of year videos and although I am in the process of doing mine with 1SE, I haven’t been doing it recently which is annoying but I still love the app. It reminds you to do your one second every day and puts them in order. I love the way this app works and the layout is simple and easy to use. I think the best part of it is that you can add two seconds each day if you wanted to. This enables you to highlight amazing days on your journey throughout the year. For its money, it is definitely worth it!

I hope you liked today’s post and love the apps I just mentioned! If you do get any, please let me know your thoughts on them!

Till Next Time,


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